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WizKids: Neue Unpainted Miniatures

WizKids kündigen weitere Miniaturen für die Unpainted Miniatures-Reihen an, die nicht nur Rollenspieler interessant sein könnten.

WizKids_Unpainted Miniatures Second Generation Preview 1

Unpainted Miniatures – New Figures Coming Soon!

WizKids Fans,

We often receive feature and product line requests from you, our beloved players, and one such request that came up frequently was the desire to have high quality, yet affordable, unpainted miniatures. As a leader in the pre-painted miniatures market, we decided it was time to do something. Last year we announced that we would be launching a brand new line of unpainted miniatures. These minis were going to be made the “WizKids way”, high quality with great attention to detail, yet affordable for everyone. Our way also includes bringing on board fantastic brands that we all know and love in addition to offering exclusive characters and monsters that tug at all of our heart strings.

The initial launch of WizKids Unpainted Miniatures lines brought the heroes and monsters from your RPG adventures to the tabletop like never before. After the premier of our unpainted lines, we were so overwhelmed by the positive feedback and reviews we received, that we couldn’t wait to do it all over again!

Today we are excited announce our plan to bring previously unavailable and long sought after creatures to our Dungeons & Dragons unpainted miniatures line, Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures.

Prepare to bring new races like the dragonborn, tiefling and genasi into your clan or customize your displacer beast, beholder or even Demogorgon to terrify the adventuring party with a plot twist. Now your characters and monsters can be as unique and creative as the adventure itself.

But that’s not all! Also plan to see the addition of fantastic unpainted, pre-primed, scenery pieces added to our Item Packs, available this Fall. Starting with the exclusive Dungeons & Dragons Ezmerelda’s wagon and plans for dozens of beautifully crafted terrain pieces, including a full campsite and more to come! With all of this great content releasing later this year, why let your paints dry up waiting for lesser quality, generic scenery pieces to come out from any other sources?

WizKids_Unpainted Miniatures Second Generation Preview 2


We provide you with the highest quality canvas possible so that you can use your unique creativity to bring your heroes and monsters life. Our professional sculptors utilize their years of experience, to bring you some of the most detailed miniatures you can find on the market, which means our HD Minis allow for easier and more accurate painting. In addition, all miniatures come in dynamic and exciting poses and are pre-primed and ready to paint out of the box.


There is something to meet everyone’s needs, from heroes and monsters, to beautiful set pieces to help bring your game setting to life. Our unpainted miniatures line is sold at your friendly local game store in the following configurations: Level Packs, Monster Packs, and Item Packs.


Level Up Packs include two highly detailed figures per pack, one standard and one advanced. Advanced characters are equipped with more armor, better weapons and upgrades than the standard characters. Both include many facets and intricate levels of detail for easy hand painting.

Standard characters have decent armor to protect them in battle, but the advanced characters feature improved, exciting and impressive battle armor!

WizKids_Unpainted Miniatures Second Generation Preview 3 WizKids_Unpainted Miniatures Second Generation Preview 4


Monster Packs contain 1-3 miniatures with different poses of a single monster – great for army building!

WizKids_Unpainted Miniatures Second Generation Preview 5


Item Packs contain scenery and items for detailing adventures. Dozens of new beautifully crafted set pieces are planned for release later this year!

WizKids_Unpainted Miniatures Second Generation Preview 6


Customize the look and feel of your characters and campaign like never before with strong yet flexible plastic material that includes both opaque and translucent plastic. All WizKids’ unpainted miniatures come pre-primed and are ready to go directly out of the box! Most miniatures even come pre-assembled, leaving the hassle of additional prep work behind so you can spend more time focusing on painting.

WizKids_Unpainted Miniatures Second Generation Preview 7


Not only are our unpainted miniatures some of the most detailed, they are also some of the most affordable, without sacrificing quality. Many of our packs contain multiple miniatures so you get more opportunities to paint the way you want.


We not only listen to our players, but we also value the feedback we receive from our retail partners. As a result, we take careful consideration when designing the packaging, setting the MSRP, and ensuring wide availability of our unpainted miniatures line.


Our unpainted miniatures line packaging includes a clear plastic window to allow for excellent miniature visibility, and clearly labeled figure names so everyone can see what they are getting before they make their purchase. Packaging also includes a hangtag for easy storage within retail locations.

WizKids_Unpainted Miniatures Second Generation Preview 8


Based on the important feedback we have received from you, we wanted to make sure our unpainted miniatures were affordable and included consistent pricing. We feel we have delivered on this, bringing you quality miniatures at a fair price.

We hope that you love our unpainted line as much as we do!  Order your specialty packs today at your Friendly Local Game Store!

For more information, visit: http://wizkids.com/unpainted/

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  • Ich muss ja zugeben dass ich ein großer Fan der Reihe bin.

    Sie sind extrem günstig (Zwei Figuren für rund 5 Euro) und vor allem sind es vollkommen generische Rollenspiel-(DnD)-Helden. Sowas wie Human Ranger, Elf Ranger, Dwarf Wizard, Dwarf Fighter etc. und dann noch nach jeweils weiblich und männlich getrennt.

  • Bei den Figuren für Pathfinder gibt es eine „female human Paladin“. Könnte die helfen?

    In diesem Sinne

  • Theoretisch bei jedem gutsortierten Rollenspiel- und Tabletopladen. Wenn dort andere Produkte von wizkids stehen wie das Würfelsammelspiel, D&D Figuren oder Heroclix, sind die, theoretisch, im Fach daneben.
    In Frankfurt war nach wenigen Wochen das Fach aber schon wieder fast leer.

    Das Material dieser Figuren ist fester als das Material von Reaper. An Stellen, wo das Material dünner ist, läßt es sich leicht biegen. Ein Derro von Reaper gibt in den Knöcheln nach, wenn ich ihn am Torso biege. Ein Dwarf Fighter nicht.
    Bei jedem Biegen federt das Material wieder zurück. Heißes Wasser zum Verformen von Schwertklingen habe ich noch nicht ausprobiert.

    In diesem Sinne

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