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Weekly Watchdog: Nakatan

Um Leute auf seine Patreon-Seite aufmerksam zu machen hat Ivan „Nakatan“ Melnikov in letzter Zeit einige seiner älteren und neueren Projekte auf Facebook gezeigt. Wir haben mal rein geguckt.

WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_1 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_2 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_3 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_4

That`s my final charge to catch your attention. At least, with old works of mine, haha! Actually, i have some things to show that have not gone out of CMON, but those have to be prepared properly for FB audience. So, this is really my final charge, at least, for some time.
Also, check out my patreon, if you want to know, how i do things.
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Auf die Frage, wo das Modell herkommt, antwortete er:

Final Fantasy. The model itself is Monique de Noir from reaper, the chocobo is scratch.

WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_5 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_6 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_7 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_8

Huh? Looks like there are not so many projects done for last 9 years, that i can show with pride). Anyway, as they say „if this did not happened on FB, it did not happened at all“, i`m continue to post my old works here. That one is not too old, thought.

This mini have some interesting story behind worth to tell and hear, so here it is. It was released in a 2007 by a promising sculptor-wannabe, Grishnak. As it was just a hobby for him back than, he made a 10 copies only. When i managed to see the greens in 2012, all of the copies were sold, of course. But, luckily for me, Grishnak has some flawed castings left, so i get that 11th dark elf girl and restored her to my best. Sadly, some parts were damaged beyond restoration, so the figure went though a series of conversions. The girl was intended to be shown on Hussar 2012, but i was kind of out of time and perfered to switch to the other project. When i tried to resume, the girl accidentaly fell of a table and crashed to pieces, so the project was closed again. I remembered about her at the 2014 december, changing the whole concept, and this time she was finished at last. Nowdays Grishnak is a full-time professional, launching a line of gaming and showcase minis, Grishnak Models. There is a high chance that the elf girl will be released again as a part of a showcase line. She was kind of a gate to sculpting for me, as i have to go a long way restoring it with a magic sculp putty. So, that`s it. Of cource, this is brushwork all the way, i used airbrush for grounding only. The model is around 110-115mm tall.

BTW. i`m accepting commissions. PM me for details.

WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_9 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_10 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_11 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_12

And here is the next work from my chosen list. It is „in the land of giants“, made in 2012, one of a few works that reamins in my small personal collection, and featuring Finari the Paladin. She`s somewhat awkward, as most of Reaper miniatures, but i`m really, really like her. Hpe you will like her as well.

WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_13 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_14 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_15 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_16

This is a really old work of mine, dated to 2011. With it i opened my Fallout series. I used Ellen Stone from Reaper Master range and a historical car. Now, Ellen leaves safety of NCR to trade up some goods and beat up some raiders!

WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_17 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_18 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_19 WW_Weekly_Watchdog_Ivan_Melnikov_Chocobo_Elfe_Paladin_Eldar_20

That`s me with some old stuff again, trying to attract followers to my Patreon.
I`m istuck in a few pledges from my first video guide goal, so i hope someone will be interested.
Now that`s again a warhammer 40k, a miniature from Golden Age of metal casts, eldar warlord. This was intended as a gaming miniature, so the base is rather simple.

Link: Ivan Melnikov auf Facebook

Link: Nakatan auf Patreon


1994 mit Warhammer ins Hobby eingestiegen und seither so manches ausprobiert. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Gefährten), Epic Armageddon (Eldar), Infinity (PanOceania), Warhammer (Slaanesh gemischt), nicht unbedingt in dieser Reihenfolge.

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