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WarStages: The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter

Der neue Kickstarter von Raging Heroes läuft.

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This is a 7 days only, Limited Edition, Kickstarter campaign. We launched Saturday 29 July, so don’t delay! Why so short a campaign? See the answer in our FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Choose your pledge level to select the cathedral size you want.

Watch your rewards grow as freebies are unlocked (95% of stretch goals are freebies). The bigger your pledge, the more Freebies you get!

When Add Ons are unlocked (the Gothic Daedalus Extension, the Gaming Mat, etc.) you can pledge extra money to add one or several of them to your pledge.

Please note that you MUST pledge for one of the Cathedral Kits to get access to other ADD-ONS.

It’s Gonna be a Limited Edition: Due to the way the printing industry works, we’ll do only one run, as large as possible to keep costs down. But once it’s gone, that will be it.

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 1 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 2

There’s a lot of info on this page. Every subject is detailed further down the page, but here’s a quick summary of it all:

Stretch Goals: Freebies and more Freebies: 95% of the Stretch Goals planned for this campaign will be Freebies, so get ready for the ride! And that’s not all. The bigger you pledge, the more Freebies you’ll get!

Which Kit Should I Pledge For? Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large Cathedral? Do you also need the Gothic Daedalus Extension? Know that MEDIUM Cathedral + 1 Gothic Daedalus Extension is what we used in all our images and videos. When you choose this kit or the larger ones, you know that you are getting at least one of each of the Bricks and Stages that we designed.

Much More than a Gigantic Cathedral: Stunning, Modular, Immersive, Practical, Great Value. You don’t need to paint it, you can turn it into nearly any type of building you want, this is the ultimate scenery kit!

The WarStages Concept: WarStages are made of BRICKS, CLIPS, and STAGES. Assemble the BRICKS (basic elements like floors, walls, etc.) with a few CLIPS to build large architectural elements: the STAGES. Move the Stages around to completely transform your gaming table in less than a minute: infinite layout possibilities.

Assembling CLIPS, BRICKS and STAGES: Our uniquely designed CLIPS allow for a crazy amount of modularity. Slide them between 2 BRICKS and they nearly disappear. Scroll down to this section and DON’T MISS our 2 VIDEOS about this.

What is it made of? The WarStages kits are made of 1.8mm thick high-quality super-dense coated colour-printed pre-punched cardboard. Once it is assembled with our Plastic clips, it creates super sturdy structures. We chose this material after over a year of testing all possible options.

Big as a Convention Display for a Fraction of the Price: Have you ever dreamt of owning one of these amazing convention display centerpieces? Now it is possible at a fraction of the cost and time. The WarStages scenery is so immersive that each of your game will feel like a blockbuster movie!

Customisation, Accessories, Furniture: With a vast array of accessories and furniture to be unlocked and the nearly infinite possibilities of our modular system, you’ll be able to customise your gaming table like never before.

Prototype: All the images you see have been made with hand-crafted prototype. Some images were not made using the final designs of our clip. Watch the Assembly video to see the final look of our clips.

Playability: With such a wide range of customisation, you’ll be able to use your WarStages and Daedalus Extension for any type of games: gigantic apocalyptic battles, regular mass combat, skirmishes, RPG, and, why not, even jazz up your board games with tri-dimensional terrain.

It’s All in the Details: We spend countless hours sculpting the entire Cathedral in 3D to achieve super deep and detailed textures that really pop out. We went even further with the Furniture. It looks like small jewels on the gaming table.

It’s Gonna be a Limited Edition: Due to the way the printing industry works, we’ll do only one run, as large as possible to keep costs down. But once it’s gone, that will be it.

It’s a 7-day Campaign: Kickstarter campaigns tend to be exciting at the beginning and at the end, so we trimmed the fat and kept the best parts so that you get an exciting ride and watch your Rewards grow with new Freebies unlocked every day.

Shipping: Please budget approximately 10 to 15% of your total pledge amount for shipping. We will only collect shipping fees when we are getting close to ship. This way, we don’t immobilise your funds unnecessarily.

Next Steps after the Campaign / Terms & Conditions / Risks and Challenges / FAQ: Scroll down to see what they are.

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 3 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 4 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 5 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 6

Das sind die Pledges, der Einfachheit halber zeigen wir nur das kleine in Gänze:

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 7 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 8 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 9 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 10

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 11 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 12 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 13 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 14

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 15 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 16 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 17

Add-ons gibt es auch:

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 18 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 19

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 20 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 21 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 22

Das sind die Stretch Goals:

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 23 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 24 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 25 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 26

SMALL Cathedral:

A very beautiful piece of scenery that has the same level of details and quality as its bigger counterparts. However, it doesn’t have as many wall sections as the other kits. So it would work to make a centrepiece that would be perfect for Siege Scenarios. Alternatively, you can break down its various Stages and scatter them on your table and have large elements to block lines of sight, or to be used as snipers’ nests.

Another option would be to expand the SMALL kit with the Gothic Daedalus to add more pathways and labyrinthic sections on your table. A different approach would be to get 2 Daedalus Extensions and one SMALL Cathedral kit to achieve a sprawling environment with several landmark elements that you could build with the Cathedral component.

→ MEDIUM Cathedral:

This is the kit that we’ve used in all our images and videos.

When you choose this kit or the larger ones, you know that you are getting at least one of each of the Bricks and Stages that we designed.

It instantly creates a striking gaming environment just by its sheer size. The amount of options and combinations that you get just by moving around the Stages of this kit are pretty insane (see our Stages video below). And of course, you can break down your Stages in smaller or different layouts that will give you even more options to set up your table in just a minute. To us, this kit allows you to do anything: Skirmish, Siege, Mass Combat, etc.

Add to this one Daedalus Extension or two and you are then only limited by your imagination. It gives you a large amount of options to expand and transform the Cathedral Stages into sprawling labyrinthic environments. This could be gothic ruined cities, space ship interiors, ‘Name of the Rose’ style gigantic libraries, the list goes on. Channel your inner engineer/architect/game designer and get something you’ve never seen before on your table.

→ LARGE Cathedral:

Now we’re getting serious. The LARGE kit is great for you to run massive games, or have loads of assembled Stages options at your disposal. It gives you all the options of the MEDIUM kit but pumped up to the next level, and also with many more Freebies.

Unless you are interested in only having massive pieces of architecture on your game table, we would highly recommend at least one Gothic Daedalus Extension, and 2 would definitely make sense. With that type of setup, you’re equipped to host a special event at your local shop, at your gaming club, or even in a convention.

→ EXTRA LARGE Cathedral:

Are you a space overlord who reigns over thousands of planets? Then this will make a nice crash pad for your weekend getaways :).

Seriously, this thing is huge. And it’s pretty obvious that there’s nothing like it available on the market, especially at this price!

If you’re interested in this kit, you probably know what you want to do with it. Whether you’re planning to use it as-is in its Cathedral form, or to break it down in many Stages for your table(s), the options you get and the number of Freebies you’ll receive sky will sky rocket.

If you plan to use it with the Gothic Daedalus Extension, it would make sense to get at least 2 of these, possibly more.

→ Do you need a FLOOR MAT?

Please note that the mat that you see in our images and videos is a smaller version prototyped on paper.

It’s entirely up to you. It is nice because it instantly transform any kitchen table in a gaming landscape with no effort whatsoever. And it certainly adds atmosphere.

Since our kits can cover such a wide gaming area, we have looked for the best options to make a Floor Mat that would easily adapt to various table sizes and configurations. For that reason, we chose a quality fabric material. We know that foam/rubber backed materials are very popular, but the problem with this is that they can’t hang over the table’s edges on the day you decide to have a smaller sized game. Since our WarStages allows you to play on the smallest to the largest tables, we wanted a floor mat that would adapt to any situation.

→ Do you need the DAEDALUS EXTENSION?

The Daedalus Extension adds a lot of versatility to your WarStages Cathedral.

Thanks to both its low (2 in/5cm) and high (4in/10cm) walls, which you can also easily stack up for more height, you can create enclosed rooms and corridors.

The arches, stairs and platforms allow you to create 3-dimensional labyrinthic structures that will probably remind you of Esher or the Monument Valley game.

It is a truly fun environment to play with in all types of games, and even more so if you’re playing skirmish and RPG.

Of course, you can mix and match the elements of the Cathedrals and of the Daedalus together, thanks to our clip assembly system.

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 27 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 28

Die Kampagne läuft noch 6 Tage.

RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 29 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 30 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 31 RH WarStages The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter 32

Quelle: WarStages: The Gothic Cathedral


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  • Irgendwie muss ich da Vergleiche mit der Gigantomanie eines deutschen Staatchefs kurz vor 1945 ziehen:
    Es ist absolut gewaltig. check.
    Es sieht total pompös aus. check.
    Es ist astronomisch teuer und passt, selbst auseinandergenommen und vakuumverdichtet, in kein handelsübliches Regal. check.

    Wer dafür Geld ausgibt, sollte sein Auto aus der Garage verscheuchen und am besten anbauen. Es sieht dennoch umwerfend aus, und ja, ich weiß des dat Pabbe is. 😉

    PS: Man sollte auch noch die Teleskop-Miniaturenzange erfinden, denn kein Arm kommt über diese Wände.

  • Cool schaut es aus, keine Frage, aber mir wäre das einfach zu teuer – und es ist nur Pappe, nichtmal Plastik oder so. Nein, da lehne ich dankend ab.

  • Oh Mann. Als ich die Bilder gesehen hab hätte es mich fast umgehauen.
    Aber Pappe? Nein, Danke. Sowas hab ich als 12jähriger gebaut…

  • Erinnert mich irgendwie an ein super aufgebautes BB-STADION komplett mit Tribünen um das komplette Feld, Verkaufsständen usw….muss ein Traum gewesen sein, seine Figuren mal darin zu sehen. Aber spielbar war das absolut nicht.
    Auch hier sehe ich das ähnliche Problem: durch die sehr geschlossene Kirchrnarchitekur erschließt sich mir die Spielbarkeit nicht so ganz. Für ein Diorama ist es „nur“ Pappe. Als Hintergrund für seine Armee in einer Vitrine können vlt manche Teile sehr gut funktionieren,aber dafür ist es extrem hochpreisig.
    Weder Fisch noch Fleisch für mich.
    PS: da es nur ein limited printrun geben wird, werden mögliche Ersatzteilbeschaffungen auch nicht möglich sein. Und das ist bei einem modularen Geländesystem, was eigentlich immer wieder auf-und abgebaut werden kann, ein extremer Nachteil

  • Ich bin eigentlich ein Freund von Papp-Gelände. Hier ist allerdings der Vorteil des niedrigen Preises von Pappe nicht mehr sichtbar… daher bleibe ich schön beim selbst drucken und basteln.

  • Solche Sachen aus Kunststoff und mit dreidimensionaler Oberfläche und ich würde sehr viel Geld ausgeben!

    Aber aus Pappe?
    Nein danke!


  • ich hatte mich sehr auf diesen Kickstarter gefreut. Gerade ihre Ankündigung für einen günstigen Preis war interessant. WAR leider, MDF ist ja fast billiger.

  • Der Tag an dem ich 785€ für ein Kinderzimmer voll Pappe ausgebe ……..wird wohl nicht mehr kommen.

  • So viel Geld für bedrückte Pappe? Fällt das Gelände dadurch unter die „Buch-Preis-Bindung“, oder warum ist das so teuer?

  • Und warum haben die eigentlich diese Umfrage bzgl des Geländes gemacht, wenn sie sich doch null an die Ergebnisse halten. „Pre-Painted“ ist da nämlich auf dem letzten Platz gelandet…

  • Nun, der Erfolg gibt ihnen ja scheinbar Recht, und das kleinste Set könnt sogar als 15mm Kathedrale durchgehen. Aber wie eigentlich alle hier geb ich dafür keine 150€ aus.

    Aber mal am Rande: hätte IRGENDJEMAND so ein Teil in Plastik gewollt, und dann monatelang bemalt? Bedruckte, stabile und platzsparende Pappe macht ImO tatsächlich am ehesten Sinn.

    • Naja Ums Platzsparen geht das nicht, und was das Monate lang bemalen angeht ja das wäre kein Problem.

    • Mit dem modularen GW-Gelände kann man auch schön nen Tisch vollstellen und da dauert das anmalen auch entsprechend lange. Aber man jedes Segment sofort einsetzen kann, sehe ich das monatelange anmalen auch nicht als Problem. Vor allem kann man ja durch Airbrush und Bürsten viel Fläche erschlagen.

  • Bin irgendwie etwas perplex und fühle mich auf den Arm genommen. Ich hätte mir einfach Bauteile für tolle Gothicgebäude gewünscht und keine überteuerten Pappsets. Schade.

    • Stimmt, ich hatte auch auf ein Baukastensystem für Eigenbauten gehofft. Ich brauche eine schöne Gebäudeszenerie für meine TGG1 Armeen in der Vitrine, aber da müsste ich die teuere Pappe ja auch noch durchschneiden…

      …ich bleibe bei der Idee eines Arbeitskollegen, Aufkleberplakete drucken zu lassen und ein Trägermateriel z.B. Styropor zu bekleben. Geringe Materialkosten (ca. 50-65 Eur). Ist halt viel Arbeit für Design und Basteln, ich bekomme aber genau das Individuelle, wie ich es im Kopf habe.

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