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Warforged: Neue Previews

Reforged zeigen weitere Bilder für ihr kommendes Sci-Fi Tabletop.

RF Reforged Warforged Preview 1 RF Reforged Warforged Preview 2


A winged species of immense antiquity and intellect, the Devas act as the commanders of the hosts of Mantra. In the earliest ages of the universe it was their intellect, heightened senses and psychic capabilities that were their downfall: when the Mantra arrived on their homeworld (codenamed Arcadia by humans), Devas fell under Mantra’s influence within years, and since then they spearheaded the invasion of the sentient beings of the Galaxy.

Devas are extremely rare: Over the eons many Devas have fallen in battle, and their kind reproduces exceedingly slowly (once in six Earth centuries or so). Functionally immortal, the Deva do not age, but this has not stopped the steady decline of their numbers on hundred battlefields across the stars. Philosophical and vastly intelligent, the Deva dislike the bloodshed they nevertheless feel they must bring death to those who have rejected the Mantra. They often appear melancholy and sorrowful, but nothing has ever shaken their deep communion with the Mantra.

The Deva are winged. Multi-limbed aliens. They wear intricate armor that both shields them from damage, provides them with data and enhances their psychic abilities. They appear to have no facial features, though Earth scientists suspect they simply are not visible to any spectrum humans can detect.

Through visions sent by the Mantra to countless worlds their likeness can be found in the cultures and myths of most sentient beings where they are mistaken for angels and other spiritual beings.

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Arcadia (known to the humans only through captured holo-files).

WEAPONS: Bladed melee weapons (current research indicates hardness of up to 100 times greater than diamonds), short-range flamethrower-like projectiles built into their weapons and armor.

TACTICAL NOTES: A wounded Deva becomes enraged, and will hunt down anyone who has damaged it. This can be used to lure them from well-defended position during battle.

NICKNAMES given by Earth forces: “Angels”, “Wings”, “Faceless”

CLASSIFIED INFORMATION: Unlike many of the vast hosts of creatures that serve the Mantra, Deva appear to retain shreds of personality and individualism.

RF Reforged Warforged Preview 3 RF Reforged Warforged Preview 4


From ranks of the sentient species that lack the intellect and philosophical depth to completely sublime their consciousness into the Great Song come the hordes of the brutish Descants. Their communion with the Great Song of the Mantra is not complete, and therefore they are relegated into a support role, considered an inferior position within the hierarchy of the Mantra. The highest form of praise to the Mantra is to slay the unbelievers with your own hands, so using ranged attacks is sometimes used as a punishment or an indication of low status.

Due to their humiliating circumstance the Descant are the embodiment of holy rage, unleashing their wrath on any non-Mantra creature they encounter. When the Mantra takes over a world, it is the armies of Descants that are left behind to ensure that all life is eradicated before the planet is transformed by the Great Song.

Descants rapidly proceed into close range with their enemies, shooting salvoes from their bracelet-mounted casters before executing thunderous charges that can break the lines of any opponent. They sometimes crouch down and lope to battle using their massive arms as well as their legs for propulsion, giving them a disturbing, uneven gait.

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Unknown multiple worlds in the domain of Mantra

WEAPONS: Wrist-and chest-mounted rapid-fire projectile weapons using displacement field technology. Direct melee attacks using the immense strength of the Descant in close quarters.

NICKNAMES given by Earth forces: “Cyclops”, “Bruisers”, “Stompers”

CLASSIFIED INFORMATION: Any living creature, regardless of its DNA make-up can be melded into the mass from which Descants are formed out of.

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