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Twisted: Statusupdate

Zu Twisted gibt es ein großes Update auf Facebook. Darin wird über die Kickstarter-Erfüllung und die Pläne für 2017 gesprochen, und auch zwei neue Modelle vorgestellt!


Kickstarter Pledge Manger Closing Soon – Twisted Progress Report – Urkin Ratcatcha and Gentlefolk Miner Sculpts Complete!

Hello everyone,

It’s time for another update on our progress fulfilling your Twisted Kickstarter rewards, as well as some new sculpted miniatures and an outline of the plan for Twisted in 2017! Although (as you know) we are running a little behind schedule fulfilling the Kickstarter, the good news is that absolutely all the actual ‚content‘ is completely finished for Wave 1, and everything is well into the production phase.

Once again, thank you all for being so patient with Peter and I as we’re working hard towards fulfilling your Kickstarter rewards. We understand that delays are always frustrating but we’re working as hard as we can to get things delivered as soon as possible without compromising quality. The good news is that everything is going really well with no major problems (other than us being a bit over-ambitious with our initial timelines!). Peter and I are brand new to this as our first big project, so thank you for being so understanding while we work things through. Due to your very generous support as Kickstarter backers, we are very confident that we’ll be delivering something absolutely fantastic to you all very soon – even better than we hoped at the start of this journey!

Pledge Manager Closing Soon!

Last chance to board the Twisted train: The Kickstarter Pledge Manager is scheduled to close on February 3. We are closing the Pledge Manager at this time so that we can finalise exactly what rewards everyone should receive, so that we can prepare to pack all of your reward boxes.

Get in fast – this will be your last chance to grab Twisted miniatures and terrain at the special Kickstarter discount prices!

You can still join in, even if you didn’t back the Kickstarter. Last minute newcomers and friends can still join in via this page:


Or join in simply by emailing us directly (sales@dementedgames.com). We are very happy to accept Paypal payments if you don’t have access to a credit card – lots of people have already taken this option, it’s no trouble at all and we will add you straight into the Pledge Manager with credit to your account.

Production Progress Update

*The Miniatures: all the sculpting of the Wave 1 miniatures is long-since complete and our production partners at Eureka Miniatures here in Australia (for the metal Faction Box miniatures) and Valiant in the USA (for the resin miniatures) have been madly working away, casting up a storm! We are deep into production for the miniatures with about half of the casting complete – I think there is over 50kgs of metal sitting at Peter’s house waiting to be packed! We’re about to start preliminary packing of miniatures for the Faction Boxes and individual blister-packed miniatures.

*The Terrain: all the fabulous terrain designed by Craig Clarke at Miniature Scenery is in the process of being laser cut. We got word a few nights ago that ALL the ‚Carver Lanes‘ are already complete, so we are on schedule for ALL of the terrain in to ship out with Wave 1 as planned. Great news!

*The Rulebook: after a huge effort from Peter the Twisted Rulebook is complete and in the first stages of printing! Very exciting news – I am so excited about the Twisted Rulebook, I think you are all going to be really impressed with the final product (fingers crossed, of course!). Check out the Rulebook cover below 🙂 Once the printing is complete we will have a more precise date for Wave 1 fulfilment. This delay has actually meant a massive improvement to the Twisted Rulebook: as well as the extra Stretch Goal enhancements that occurred during the KS campaign (expanding the card decks, adding the sheet of counters and templates, adding the extra set of dice etc) the rulebook has grown by a huge amount – over 50% larger than originally planned, with an extra 52 pages full of extra artwork, missions, and other goodies! But most importantly the rules themselves have been very thoroughly analysed, re-written, edited and fine-tuned so that we have an amazing ruleset designed to last the distance (as well as being great fun to play of course!) We plan for Twisted to be played for years to come so it was worth the extra effort to make sure we have a great set of rules to back up our brilliant miniatures and rich universe.

The Plan for Twisted in 2017

Aside from Kickstarter fulfilment – which is our absolute #1 priority at this time – Peter and I also have big plans for continuing to develop Twisted through 2017. In a nutshell this means more characters, more miniatures, more terrain and more campaign scenarios for Twisted, as well as a few surprises! In addition to finishing the Wave 2 Egyptians sculpting, we have already developed some new character concepts for the Egyptians (do steampunk mummies sound interesting to anyone?!). We’ve also created (and are currently developing more!) new characters for the Dickensians and the Servants of the Engine, to flesh out their factions and keep things interesting. We intend to continue supporting all of our existing factions with new releases as time goes on, to make sure games of Twisted stay fresh and to keep your opponents on their toes.

Once the Twisted game rules are released with Wave 1, the Twisted universe will grow organically with your help as skirmishes between the factions of Twisted start taking place all over the world! We’re very excited to see where your participation and involvement takes the Twisted universe, and are eagerly working to expand into new characters and factions plus new terrain for the different settings of the world of Twisted. It should be a wild ride – we really hope you enjoy Twisted as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it!

Peter and I will be doing our best to promote Twisted as a growing game, miniature range and fun, immersive world through 2017. Hopefully we can count on your help as our esteemed Kickstarter backers who’ve made all of this possible! We can’t thank you all enough for helping us make this dream into a reality. Thank to your generous support you guys share a real ownership over Twisted!

Gentlefolk Miner and Urkin Ratcatcha!

Time to see some new miniatures (always my favourite part!). We’ve got 2 new characters to show: the Gentlefolk Miner as a solid pick for the Servants of the Engine (love the little canary perched on the lantern), and the Urkin Ratcatcha wading his way through the sewers to join the Dickensians (snaring more than a few rats along the way!).

Both of these fantastic new miniatures were sculpted by the very talented Lux Thantor – merci beaucoup, Luc. Luc’s sculpting has been a wonderful addition to Twisted and we are really thrilled with everything he has created so far. He’s done an excellent job capturing the spirit of both of these characters, which will fit perfectly into their respective factions. And what’s more, they both look like they’ll be a blast to paint! Bravo, Luc.

That’s it for today. Thanks again for your support, everyone!


TG_Twisted_Game_Januar_Update_Ratcatcher_2 TG_Twisted_Game_Januar_Update_Ratcatcher_3 TG_Twisted_Game_Januar_Update_Ratcatcher_4 TG_Twisted_Game_Januar_Update_Ratcatcher_5

TG_Twisted_Game_Januar_Update_Ratcatcher_7 TG_Twisted_Game_Januar_Update_Ratcatcher_8 TG_Twisted_Game_Januar_Update_Ratcatcher_9 TG_Twisted_Game_Januar_Update_Ratcatcher_10

Link: Twisted Game auf Facebook


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  • Meine 5 Servants sind bemalt, Stadthäuser fast fertig. Ich weiß nicht, worauf ich mich am Meißten freue, die neuen Minis, das Buch, das Gelände… das wird prima 🙂

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