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Twisted: Horace de Havilland

Demented Games zeigen ein neues Green für Twisted.

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Hi everyone, here are the proper photos of Horace de Havilland, one of the unique heroes from the Twisted Egyptian Faction. In case you haven’t twigged to his name (I’m usually pretty slow at that sort of thing, myself!), Horace is meant to evoke ‚Horus‘, the Ancient Egyptian falcon-headed god.

In order to steampunk our version of Horus for Twisted, with tried to use the falcon motif in a few different ways: his cape has a sort of ‚falcon-tail‘ shape at the bottom (repeated in the mid-length upper layer); he has a very aquiline face and beak-like nose, as well as a lithe body shape; there is a bird head on his back-pack tank and a ‚Horus-head‘ canopic jar hanging on the back of his cape; and of course (to state the obvious!) he has a large mechanical falcon perched on his hand!

This miniature is based on the wonderful artwork by Owen Aurelio (thanks again, Owen!). The miniature was sculpted by me (Sebastian) with a 50:50 mix of Super Sculpey Firm and BeeSPutty Plastic (both polymer clays), with a few extra touches of Tamiya Quick Type (a yellow-bone coloured two-part epoxy putty).

There are two options for Horace’s left hand: the pointing hand, and the long pistol. The miniature comes with both hand options so you are free to take your pick 🙂 ). You can see the two versions in the photos below.


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