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Twisted: Blacksmith

Der Gentlefolk Blacksmith für Twisted ist nun verfügbar, und auf Facebook wurde einiges über die Entstehung der Miniatur gezeigt und erzählt!

DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 1 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 3 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 4 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 5 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 6 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 7

Gentlefolk Blacksmith: Concept Development

The Blacksmith was one of the very first Gentlefolk we designed for Twisted, based on the awesome early sketch by Peter you can see attached here (the 2nd image).

We worked with artist Macs Gallo to develop Peter’s idea into a fantastic concept for the sculpted miniature. You can see in these WIP images how the idea developed, finally solidifying in something very mechanical and solid (as befits a blacksmith), but still full of character and attitude! The final miniature was sculpted by me (sebastian).

The Blacksmith also features in an incredible illustration by Mitchell Nolte (one of my favourites from all our Twisted artworks!).

The Gentlefolk Blacksmith is available now in metal or resin in the Twisted store

„The Stahlwerke Reichenbach #42 model is a large and very rugged unit. It is commonly used in heavy industry where great heat is involved.

It has a specially hardened chassis that resists all but the most devastating blows and it also sports some of the most powerful servo motors available giving it great strength.

The #42 can be manufactured with a number of specialised attachments or, as the case with the Blacksmith, two hands to add to its utility.“


DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 9 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 10 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 11 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 12 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 13

DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 14 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 15 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 16 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 17 DG Demented Games Twisted Blacksmith Release 8

Gentlefolk Blacksmith: Sculpting the Miniature

Following yesterday’s look at the concept development, here are some thoughts about the final sculpted miniature. This figure was sculpted by Twisted’s very own Sebastian (me!).

I thought it might be interesting to include some work-in-progress photos here to give you some insight into the sculpting process. I’m happy to answer questions and chat about the sculpting process on our Twisted Forum (I’ve started a dedicated topic thread):


The Blacksmith is available to buy now from the Twisted shop, in Metal or Resin!

How does the Blacksmith play in the Twisted Game?

The Gentlefolk Blacksmith is a bulwark for The Servants of The Engine. He is rather slow but incredibly difficult to damage seriously.

His Close Combat attack is good and he can deal out rather a lot of damage under the right circumstances. In terms of a Ranged Attack he can fling hot coals from his burner for a short ranged yet effective attack. The Burning property these coals have means that even the toughest opponent will be singed by their touch.

Remember the Twisted Rules are available to download for free from the website!

Next we’ll choose one of the Dickensians, and show you the concept/sculpting progress 



Und ein Video gibt’s auch:

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  • Gentlefolk Blacksmith (Metall) – 12,22 USD
  • Gentlefolk Blacksmith (Resin) – 21,41 USD


Link: Twisted Game auf Facebook

Link: Demented Games


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