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Twisted: Gentlefolk Flower Seller Step by Step

Demented Games zeigen ein weiteres Step By Step, diesmal für den Gentlefolk Flower Seller

Gentlefolk Flower Seller: Sculpting the Miniature

Yesterday we looked at the concept development – now it’s time to see some shots of the sculpting process for the final Flower Seller! This is another one sculpted by Twisted’s Sebastian Archer (me!)

Dg Wire Dg Dress Dg Details1

I think you can sort of see in these WIP photos that I work by building up ‚layers‘: first the basic anatomy, then the under layers of clothing, then the higher layers of clothing/equipment, and then the last layers of fine detail over the top.

Dg Details 2 Dg Mostly Done

The trickiest part of this sculpt was trying to get a natural, organic look for the ‚flower petals‘ of her dress. The soft dress forms a great contrast against the sharp-edges mechanical body of the Flower Seller.

Dg Finished Model Dg Finished Model 2 Dg Colour

How does the Gentlefolk Flower Seller play in the Twisted Game?

The Flower Seller is a Close Combat focussed Character. She has no ranged attack whatsoever but this is made up for by her Inconspicuous ability that allows her to move across the tabletop largely unmolested by fire from her enemies. She has a number of wicked blades built into her body, a function of her previous work in a tannery. She can put these to very good use in a fight with her Multi Strike ability allowing her to attack twice in Close Combat. The Razor Sharp main blades on her left arm can shear through flesh with ease whilst the smaller blade mounted on her back allows her to strike behind her with ease giving her a Rear Defence when attacked from behind. Used carefully she can take down a much tougher opponent than her points would suggest but if she is detected before she manages to close the distance to reach Close Combat she will likely fall to a fusillade of fire before she can do any damage herself.

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