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Team Yankee: Red Thunder

Für Team Yankee erscheint das Quellenbuch „Red Thunder“ – ein Quellenbuch über die Truppen der Sowjetunion im 3. Weltkrieg.

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Red Thunder – 16,00 EUR

  • Format A4
  • Hardback
  • 60 Seiten

The Revolution Calls Comrade!
Red Thunder Pre-orders Now Open

The Soviet Union’s most powerful forces are stationed in East Germany and Czechoslovakia poised on the border with West Germany ready to strike at a moment’s notice. They are equipped with the very best Soviet industry has to offer, from sophisticated missile firing T-64 tanks and powerful T-72 tanks to versatile BMP infantry fighting vehicles, as well as plentiful BTR-60 armoured personnel carriers.

Supported by elite Afgansty Air Assault troops, powerful self-propelled artillery, and effective and numerous antitank and anti-aircraft weapons, there will be little that the corrupt capitalist armies of NATO can do to stop them. Soon the western workers will be free and the dawn of a new socialist age will begin.

What are you waiting for Comrade? Join the revolution and pre-order the upcoming releases for Red Thunder now!

Battlefront Team Yankee Red Thunder 07

Potecknov’s Bears – Soviet Breakthrough Force – Army Deal – 58,00 EUR

Potecknov’s Bears contains all the Soviet models you need to begin building a T-72 Tank Battalion, including;

• 1x Team Yankee Complete Rules A5 Mini Version,

• 5x Plastic T-72 tanks,

• 2x Plastic Mi-24 Hind assault helicopters,

• 2x Decal Sheets, and • 6x Unit Cards.

Battlefront Team Yankee Red Thunder 08

Yuri’s Wolves – Soviet Forward Detachment – Army Deal – 44,00 EUR

Yuri’s Wolves contains all the Soviet models you need to begin building a T-64 Tank Battalion, including;

  • 1x Team Yankee Complete Rules A5 Mini Version,
  • 5x Plastic T-64 tanks,
  • 2x Plastic BMP scouts,
  • 1x Decal Sheet, and
  • 6x Unit Cards.

Link: Team Yankee

Quelle: Battlefront auf Facebook

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  • Eine gute Ergänzung für Team Yankee. Der T-64 hat echt gefehlt bis jetzt. Genauso wie ein Plastik BTR.
    Das Buch werde ich mir definitiv kaufen. Bei den Armeen bleibe ich aber bei Deutschland West und Ost…

  • Schade an der ganzen Klamotte ist leider nur weiterhin das trotz des „Elite“ Einleitungstextes alle Ostblock Armeen mehr oder minder weiterhin stupide Massenblobs sind *Cheers* (/fowtg-Insidejoke)

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