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Studio Miniatures: Neue Previews

Studio Miniatures präsentieren neue Preview Bilder ihres Kickstarters der bald startet.

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With only three weeks to go until the Kickstarter campaign we will start to preview the new miniatures that have been created by Paul Hicks and Ernst Veingart for the game.

First up we have the L.A.P.D. gang starter set. This box set will contain everything you need for a basic 200 point gang allowing you to jump straight into Turf War Z!

Contained within the box set is a Detective (your gang leader), two SWAT officers (your higher value gang members) and four Patrolmen (your standard gang members) along with seven 30mm round plastic bases.
As you can see from the pictures only the Detective is a one piece casting (this will be the case for all gang leaders) with all the other gang members being multi-part miniatures.

In the L.A.P.D. starter set you will get one Detective plus two SWAT bodies, one advancing and one standing along with one sprue of four different SWAT heads, a tactical shield, a smoke/stun grenade, a frag grenade and four sets of arms. The arms are designed to fit either body and are armed with a 40mm riot gun, a M16, a MP5 and a pistol/open hand combo pair. You also get four Patrolmen bodies, two advancing and two standing with one sprue of four different Patrolmen heads, a riot shield, an equipment sprue containg a nightstick/holstered 9mm/empty holster, and four sets of arms. The arms are designed to fit either body and are armed with a pump action shotgun, a revolver, a 9mm, a nightstick and three open handed arms.
All of the heads are interchangeable not only between the SWAT and Patrolmen BUT also with the other gang bodies (still to be previewed) and vice versa, this will allow for the maximum of variation and customisation of your gangs. The arms have ALSO been designed this way although some arms/weapons will not be allowed to be used by every gang in the game.

During the kickstarter campaign we will be including Stretch Goals to unlock extra arms/weapons for each gang to include in the starter sets, for example SWAT arms armed with a magazine fed shotgun, UMP45 and a sniper rifle.

Andy Taylor is busy painting up a starter set for us just now and we will be previewing it in the coming days.

Hopefully you like our new venture and will get on board with the campaign and the game once we go live!


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  • Hm,damit kann ich bisher noch nichts anfangen.
    Müßte die Figuren bemalt sehen.
    Die Minis sehen den von Crocked Dice ähnlich,zuminst was das modellieren angeht ?

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