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Stoessi’s Heroes: Neuheiten

Stoessi’s Heroes haben zwei weitere Neuheiten in ihrem Shop.

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Russian partisan leader Grigori Jefimowitsch, Codename: Rasputin

Grigory is a purely fictional character so he doesn’t really fit the bill for our category historical heroes. He also isn’t inspired by any movie or TV show, so he’s really completely made up and never existed. But if he had, I’m sure he would have been tough as nails and he’d have many stories about how he took revenge on the Germans after they killed his old parents and burned down their farm. The story about him would probably involve lots of conspirational meetings, sneaky sabotage and deadly encounters with German patrols (deadly for the Germans of course).

Preis: 5,90 EUR

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US Airborne Lieutenant Colonel Robert George Cole

On June 11, 1944 LtCol. Robert Cole with the 101st Airborne Division, had the objective to take Carentan. The young commander called in a smoke barrage right in front of the German positions and ordered his men to fix bayonets and charge. Many Americans were killed as they assaulted, but more than 100 of Cole’s men managed to reach the German lines causing the defenders to flee. The attack would go down in history as “Cole’s Charge”. Cole won the Medal of Honor, but got killed in combat before the citation could be presented.

Preis: 5,90 EUR


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  • Schön, dass es den Corto Maltese Gegenspieler Rasputin von Copplestone wieder gibt. Den „Kapitän ohne Schiff“ selbst hat ja immer noch Wargames Foundry im Programm.

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