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Stoessi’s Heroes: Neue Fallschirmjäger

Stoessi’s Heroes haben neue Deutsche Fallschirmjäger Miniaturen in ihrem Shop.

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Walter Koch was a highly decorated commander of the Fallschirmjäger during WWII. Koch’s group was responsible for spearheading the assault into Belgium to capture three bridges and the fortress of Eben Emael. The operation was a success and Koch was awarded the Knight’s Cross. In Tunisia in 1942, Koch and his Fallschirmjäger captured a number of British paratroopers. These prisoners, many of whom were wounded, were put into the custody of a Wehrmacht unit. When Koch learned of the Wehrmacht intentions to execute the paratroopers in accordance with Hitler’s order regarding Allied commandos he returned and secured their safety.

Preis: 5,90 EUR

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Erich Lepkowski became famous for “Lepkowski’s Prisonbreak”, which took place on 16 August 1944. During this raid on a POW camp, Lepkowski and his men went deep into territory held by Partisans of the French Forces of the Interior (FFI) and by Americans in order to rescue 130 of their fellow Fallschirmjäger troops.
Lepkowski’s raid was a terrific success. The column had travelled 75 miles round trip. They had rescued all 130 prisoners and even captured 15 FFI soldiers.
Erich Lepkowski was an instant hero. General Ramcke promoted him to Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) and he was awarded the Knight’s Cross.

Preis: 5,90 EUR

Stoessis Heroes Neue Fallschirmjäger 07 Stoessis Heroes Neue Fallschirmjäger 09 Stoessis Heroes Neue Fallschirmjäger 08

Rudolf Witzig entered the history books as the heroic captor of Belgium’s supposedly impregnable fortress Eben Emael in May 1940.
Rudolf Witzig was involved in Operation Mercury, the invasion of Crete, but was injured during the fighting. After his recovery, he was sent to Tunisia where he was credited with several successful defensive actions. He ended the war in captivity, surrendering to the Allies on 8 May 1945, the day after his name was placed on the Honor Roll of the Luftwaffe.
In the course of his service, he was awarded the coveted Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross as well as the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class.

Preis: 5,90 EUR


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