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Star Saga: Update und Previews

Heute haben wir für euch mal die letzten zwei Kickstarter Updates von Star Saga zusammengetragen.

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while but we’ve been busy in the background working on the layout of aspects like the Core Rulebook, character cards and more. Things are progressing very nicely and we hope to have the layout completed shortly.

Today we wanted to share with you some of the work in progress layouts.

Star Saga Update und Previews 01

Above you can see the boss card for Dr. Lucas Koyner, the character card for Captain Erika Dulinsky and some skill cards too.

Star Saga Update und Previews 02

Meanwhile, the core rulebook is also progressing nicely. Those big pink squares are spaces where we need to add photography or extra images.

Finally, we’ll finish this update with some painted bosses from the Core Game. Enjoy!

Star Saga Update und Previews 03 Star Saga Update und Previews 06 Star Saga Update und Previews 05 Star Saga Update und Previews 04


There are still a few of you that have not completed your pledge managers. The deadline for this has passed some time ago, so you’ll be at risk of not receiving your pledge.

Please use this link to check you’ve completed your Pledge Manager https://star-saga.backerkit.com/

Apologies to all those that have completed their Pledge Managers but we’d hate for anyone to miss out, so thought it was best to mention it during an update.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know how things are progressing! We’ve been hard at work playtesting the game over the past few weeks and we’ve been having great fun… there’s nothing quite like spending the afternoon at work fighting against a giant angry space jellyfish.

We’ve also received the first prototypes of the printed materials for the game too, including the tiles, cards and box, which you can see below…

Star Saga Update und Previews 07 Star Saga Update und Previews 09 Star Saga Update und Previews 08

Nameless renders

We’ve also recently received some new coloured renders of the Nameless minions you’ll be fighting against in the game and they’re absolutely stunning. Hmm… wouldn’t they make a lovely Deadzone faction too *wink, wink*

 Star Saga Update und Previews 14 Star Saga Update und Previews 13 Star Saga Update und Previews 12

Star Saga Update und Previews 11 Star Saga Update und Previews 10

 We’re absolutely loving the Nameless here in the office and hope you’re excited about them too. We’ll keep you posted with updates on the other sculpts too, as and when we get them.

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  • Sieht großartig aus und freue mich schon tierisch. Ich hoffe nur, dass Sie alle Erfahrungen aus Dungeon Saga einfließen lassen und dann mit wirklich guten Regeln um die Ecke kommen.

  • Auf Star Saga freu ich mich sehr. Ist der regläre Release auch in 2017? Hat Mantic dazu schon etwas gesagt? 🙂

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