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Star Eagles: Weitere Previews

Ganesha Games zeigen neue Bilder zu Star Eagles.

GG Ganesha Star Eagles 1

Getting ready for a playtest session at the local game club. Here is a picture of the forces and materials used for the game. All of the markers and sticks are just homemade prototypes and not final production components. I will post some in game shots later. This representative the number and size of ships we want to include in the Starter set.

Over the next week I will also start to explain a bit of the game mechanics.

GG Ganesha Star Eagles 5

A formation of ConStar fighters vectoring in on their target.

GG Ganesha Star Eagles 2

S’Sekai light and medium fighter escort a pair of Manta heavy strike fighters.

GG Ganesha Star Eagles 4

This is a simple scale comparison of the primary ConStar and S’Sekai classes starting from the left; heavy, medium, and light.

GG Ganesha Star Eagles 3

STAR EAGLE light and medium fighters compared to common BSG fighters.

Here is an example of how the movement sticks are used to make a very basic move.

Every ship has a speed rating. This determines the number of sticks a ship starts with when it’s activated. An average speed ship would have a speed of 3, meaning three movement sticks. This can be modified by using your pilot’s actions to burning thrusters to increase or decrease speed. Each stick is 3″ long (about 7.5cm)

Basic move allow you to turn 22.5 degrees at the end of a stick. However, making such subtle moves will not make it easy to get in the important tailing position of the enemy. To do this, you will likely use hard turns, side slips, revere turns, and power slides. These advanced manoeuvres allow you to position the sticks in different ways to get better positions, but these advanced manoeuvres use valuable pilot actions which may prevent you from firing guns or launching missiles. Some really extreme manoeuvres also have risks of being performed incorrectly, which may place you in an unfavourable position. More extreme manoeuvres also make it more difficult for enemy missiles to hit you.

If your movement path ever crosses a friendly or enemy ship’s base, there is a risk of collision as well. So this all needs to be considered when plotting your action.

There are always difficult decisions to be made with each activation to ensure every move is tense.

Außerdem gibt es einige Kartenentwürfe zu sehen:

GG Ganesha Star Eagles 11 GG Ganesha Star Eagles 8 GG Ganesha Star Eagles 12 GG Ganesha Star Eagles 6

GG Ganesha Star Eagles 10 GG Ganesha Star Eagles 7 GG Ganesha Star Eagles 9 GG Ganesha Star Eagles 13

Und ein Artwork eines S’Sekai gibt es auch:

GG Ganesha Star Eagles 15

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