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Star Eagles: Neue Previews

Ganesha Games zeigen weitere Preview zu Star Eagles.

GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 9

So here is our first draft of the starter game box with some tweaks based on some of the feedback from the group. As always, feel free to let us know what you think.

GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 1

Today we get another preview of a resin master miniature from Zealot. This time the S’Sekai ‚Manta‘ class heavy fighter. This is exactly what the miniature for the game will look like when you get them.

GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 7

So here is a real resin production model of an Alpha Dart fighter for ConStar. The resin miniatures for the game will be produced by Zealot miniatures in the U.K. Ensuring super high quality casting and detail.

GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 2

The S’Sekai get some more love with the introduction of the Drone Fighter. Designated as the Wyvern by by ConStar. They are generally deployed in groups of 3-5 ships. Individually they are exceptionally fast, agile, and manoeuvrable but are lightly armed and lack any form of protection, depending on volume of numbers to damage and their nimbleness to avoid being hit.

Swarm rules

Swarms consist of between 2-5 small ships which must be deployed in base to base contact. The swarm is treated as a single ship for activation and combat purposes. When the swarm activates it performs its normal quality check to determine the number of actions the swarm receives. The swarm move and attacks as a group, individual ships may not move away from the swarm, simply nominate one model in the swarm and use this model for all movement and combat range calculations. All ships must remain in base to base contact at all time. When an opponent shoots at a swarm, as long as any ship in the swarm is in range, the swarm may be attacked.

A swarm’s combat value starts at zero +1 for every Ship in the swarm, so say a swarm has 3 ships, it would have a combat value of 3. Every point of unsaved damage applied to a swarm will destroy one ship. Swarms never suffer from critical damage, when the last ship of a swarm receives damage, the swarm is destroyed.

Swarms are very deadly when at full strength, but quickly loose effectiveness as ships in the swarm are destroyed.

GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 3 GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 4 GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 5 GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 6

Here we have a scale shot of the Mars Gunbus Mk VII with a Plasmoid pilot and ConStar Hawk fighter for scale purposes. The unique feature of the Gunbus is the three ‚parasite‘ drone fighters that can be detached from the main body and act as independent drone fighters. The drones are armed with heavy rail guns, so pack a big punch in a small package. When they are attached to the main body, they are able to link fire in a devastating salvo the is capable of even taking down a gunboat in a single salvo. The Gunbus‘ main drawback is the slow speed and poor manoeuvrability of the host ship. The detached drones have better speed and manoeuvrability, but are easily destroyed individually.

GG Ganesha Games Star Eagles Preview 8

So here we have a pair of Gunbus Mk VII fighters deploying their drones over their home on Mars. Courtesy of designer Adam Rodgers

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