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Star Eagles: Kickstarter läuft

Der Kickstarter zu Star Eagles ist gestartet.

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Star Eagles is a science fiction action game of futuristic space fighter combat that allows you to play out the battles from your favorite books, movies, and TV shows. In a standard game, each player controls a squadron of 4-12 ships competing in exciting, objective-based missions in space, on moons, and in the atmosphere of planets. The game is easy to learn, yet tactically rich with many options that provide variety without bogging down the pace. Players build their squadron from a variety of small craft ranging from nimble, yet fragile, light fighters all the way up to larger gunboats and corvettes. Although Star Eagles may be used to play one-off missions, the game is intended to be played as a campaign where your pilots gain experience and you manage your squadron’s resources over a series of linked scenarios.

A unique feature of Star Eagles is an open source unit building system that lets you create your own ships. You can recreate your favorite ships from any media, or entirely new designs from your imagination.  If you prefer to jump right into the action, we created a whole background for you, including beautiful detailed resin 1/285 scale miniatures.

Ganesha will be producing two full sets of miniatures representing the two main adversaries in our setting: the mysterious and technologically advanced S’Sekai, and the loosely aligned Confederate Stars, made up of former earth colonies and a few independent alien homeworlds.

GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 1


  • STANDARD – This is the default game mode which involves 8-12 ships per player on a 4’x4’ gaming surface and is usually concluded in 60-90 minutes. Ships are controlled and maneuvered individually, but individual pilot traits and detailed ship damage are abstracted.
  • DETAILED – Designed for 3-4 ships per player and concludes in 45-60 minutes on a 3’x3′ playing surface. Uses the standard engine, but includes more detailed ship damage by location. Pilots can be customized with unique skills.
  • EPIC BATTLE– This is for those who demand a truly grand spectacle on the table. Players each control 20-50 ships organized into squadrons of 3-6 ships each. Played on a 4’x6’ table, all movement and attacks are performed by groups rather than by individual ships. Dogfighting is more abstracted, but combined arms and good use of the various capabilities of different classes of ships becomes critical. Contact markers are used to create a ‚Fog of war‘. Scanning and recon are important to avoid ambushes. Games can still be finished in 90 minutes.


The Star Eagles rulebook is a 6″x9″ full color, 84+ paperback which includes all the rules needed to play the game, run campaigns, and design your own ships. It also has a background history of the Star Eagles universe, including details on ConStar, the S’Sekai, and all the ships we have designed for the game.

GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 2


One of the great features of Star Eagles is you can easily design your own ships. We provide a spreadsheet tool that allows you to select the traits of your ship, automatically calculating point values and generating a profile. This lets you play with any miniature spaceships from your own existing collection.

  • Use your own spaceships alongside ours
  • Play in your own universe
  • Re-create ships from your favorite book, movie, or TV show.


GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 3 GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 4

Und das sind die Pledges:

GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 5 GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 6

  • 2 Spieler Starter – 60,00 Dollar
  • Schwadron-Set – 80,00 Dollar

Add-ons gibt es auch:

GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 7 GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 8

Und Stretch Goals auch:

GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 9



When a mission is created, one player will have the initiative, as dictated by the mission.The player with initiative chooses which player will next activate a ship or group of ships. Having initiative is important because that player will control the flow of the battle.

GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 10

A player will keep initiative until the player rolls a TURNOVER (explained below) or the non-initiative player damages one of the initiative player’s ships. It is quite possible for initiative to go back and forth during a turn and also possible, although extremely unlikely, for a player to retain initiative during the entire game. No matter who has initiative, all ships will eventually have a chance to activate in a turn. Having the initiative just allows some control of WHEN they activate. This system creates a very dynamic battle and a lot of tension between players. The initiative player must decide how aggressive he wishes to be, as pushing his pilots too hard may result in losing the initiative. The non-initiative player must be aggressive if he wishes to take control of the battle.


Players of other Ganesha Games titles such as Song of Blades and Heroes or Galleys and Galleons will already have some familiarity with unit activation. However, STAR EAGLES has some notable differences.

When a ship activates, it has an opportunity to move, attack, and perform other special activities such as scanning. Everything a ship does is called an action. There are three types of actions; free actions, normal actions, and reactions.

  • Free actions can be performed without using any pilot actions and are primarily just basic movement and basic turning.
  • Normal actions require the use of pilot actions and these include advanced manoeuvres, shooting, launching missiles, scanning and other activities.
  • Reactions are „opportunity actions“ that may happen outside of a ship’s normal activation as a result of nearby enemy activity.

When a fighter has an opportunity to activate, it may choose to roll dice to get action points to spend during its activation. The number of actions it gets will be determined by the pilot’s Quality and the amount of risk the player wants to take. The player may choose to roll 1,2, or 3 dice. Each dice rolling equal to or higher than the pilot’s Quality provides one action point. These points are spent during the ship’s activation to perform normal actions. Dice that roll below the Quality of the pilot are failures. If a player rolls two or more failures during an activation, the opponent may take the initiative, if he doesn’t already have it, or draw a COMBAT CARD.

GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 11

Movement and Maneuvers

When a ship activates it will have between 0 and 3 actions. It must then build its maneuver by linking a series of movement sticks to form a flight path. This method allows to create a wide variety of movements without any advanced calculations, creating a visual representation of the flight path.

There are three types of movement sticks;

  • NORMAL: A 3” move allowing up to a 22.5 degree turn at the end
  • TIGHT TURN or SIDE SLIP: A 3” move allowing a 45 degree turn at the beginning and a 45 degree turn at the end.
  • REVERSE TURN:  A 3” move allowing up to a 360 degree turn at the end. It comes with risk as a fighter must make a Quality roll at -1 before completing the maneuver. If failed, the opponent decides the direction of the turn.

The process is very simple:

1) Take a number of Normal Movement Sticks equal to the ship’s speed. An average speed is three.

2) ALL movement sticks MUST be used.

3) A normal move stick may be ADDED or REMOVED by spending one pilot action for each stick added or removed. This is called using an action to thrust or burn retros.

4) Advanced maneuvers include SIDESLIPS, TIGHT TURNS, and REVERSE TURNS. These may be purchased with ONE pilot action and replace TWO normal move sticks.

5) Once you have decided how many and what type of sticks to use, just lay them out to form your flight path.

GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 12 GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 13 GG Gamesha Games Star Eagles 14

Die Kampagne läuft noch 29 Tage.

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  • Das sieht echt gut aus. Ich werd auf jeden fall den PDF-pledge backen; dann kann ich notfalls meine XWing Minis mal wieder einsetzen und dabei Spaß haben 🙂

  • Irgendwie sieht das schon sehr ähnlich aus wie Shattered Void. Nur das SV ausgereifteres Design hat.

    Ich meine da kommen auch noch ein oder zwei weitere SciFi Dogfighter games. Boomt das noch oder sind die alle zu spät?

  • Hmm, die Minis beobachte ich schon lange. Aber ob ich da jetzt zuschlage? Muss ich echt noch ein paar Tage drüber schlafen…

  • Gefällt mir. Hat irgendwie was von den alten Weltraum Videospielen wie Wing Commander, Colony Wars oder Star Lancer. Und mit den richtigen Modell oder Geländestücken könnte es was von Ace Combat haben, wenn man gegen die Superwaffen der Feinde kämpft ^.^

  • Ich bin auf jedenfall dabei!
    die Minis schauen genial aus, und Flieger spiele sind mir die liebsten so dass ich fast jedes ausprobiere.

  • Irgendie gibt es für mich immer noch kein Taumschiff-Tabletop mit wirklich coolen Schiffen.

    Jovian Wars kommt meinem Geschmack noch am nächsten im Augenblick.

    • Ganesha hat es sich zur Politik gemacht, dass all Regeln einen Punktebaukasten haben. Du brauchst also nur die passenden Modelle und hast ein (meist ziemlich) gute System. Die speziellen Modelle in diesen Fall sind eine Neuerung.

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