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SLA Industries: Renders und Merchandise

Daruma präsentieren neue Render und neues Merchandise.

Would you like another sneak peek? We are delighted to present, Topper.. commander of our new Squad of Frothers! He comes with either 2 x FEN 091’s.. because he’s a Frother and why not? or, for a more sensible balance of weaponry he also has a Claymore arm option.

Good Evening! Its been a while since our last big update, so here goes!

Scavs – are pretty much finished and the initial production run will be with us next week, we will then meet all of the existing orders straight away and put the Scavs on general release!
Joe Fade, Rooker & McNultie; as with the Scavs they are in production right now and will be picked, packed and dispatched next week.
Despite a few hiccups, delays and illnesses.. that brings us right up to date on dispatch! So, whats next..?

Well.. we have a few very cool items due for release in the coming week! Firstly, we have our very first Retro Range Tee shirt! Modelled here by half of our talented Rules team = Brandy, we will be doing the Tee in Black, or white (as requested). This will be up for sale over the weekend and ready for immediate dispatch! If this goes well, we will introduce a few more classic designs in coming months.

Miniatures! What cool new toys will we have? We have a gorgeous lineup.. with Feaney and the Aetherman taking centre stage – both of those have gone for 3d printing and will be in the Warehouse for mid-February, so pre orders will be up shortly. We do, at this point, have a confession to make.. some of you may well have noticed among our dice photos, that we have 9th Division d10’s.. these are not part of the Kickstarter, they were never planned for general release yet and we can confirm that we will (post game launch) be including the 9th as a Full Faction!! The d10’s were planned for this time, however… we just had a visit by a very polite gentleman with twin Jemima Pistols who is insistent that we are not releasing his miniature without his „proper“ dice.. so, we will have a short splash release of the 9th Division d10’s along with Feaney in February – this will only be for the month of February and only as an upgrade to the Feaney blister, after this we will put them back in the archive and await the launch of the 9th! (late ’17 or early ’18 – more on that in a later update). So.. Mr Feaney, can you please holster the Jemimas, we’ve done as you asked.
Lastly.. there is a surprise.. a rather awesome surprise.. but rather than tell all, we will leave you with a little teaser of what we think is an amazing miniature 😉 It rather speaks for itself..



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