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SLA Industries: Previews und Bilder

Von Daruma gibt es Modelle für SLA Industries und ein Artwork eines Sector Rangers zu sehen.

Daruma_SciFi Minis Preview 1

Daruma_SciFi Minis Preview 2 Daruma_SciFi Minis Preview 3 Daruma_SciFi Minis Preview 4 Daruma_SciFi Minis Preview 5

Daruma_SciFi Minis Preview 6 Daruma_SciFi Minis Preview 7 Daruma_SciFi Minis Preview 8

Good Afternoon SLA Fans!
– We have finally gotten our hands on a set of the Shiver Elite to build! The Early Birds all came and went and we didn’t even get a chance to really look at them.. however – the Release order is now arriving and we managed to snag a set to build.
You can see from the Photos below – these are gorgeous miniatures, and the set actually comes with a stack of extra parts (back to those in a moment).
The Female Sgt is a well cast and detailed pose, and has the option of aggressive combat or command loadouts. She is not wearing her helmet (completely against regulations) as she has heard that the 9th have been spotted in the Sector and.. erm.. wants to look her best in case Feaney turns up.. Technically he’s an enemy of SLA, but.. what a guy..
The rest of the Mission Specialists are, similarly, loaded out to personal preference – other than the Reaper cannon. I’ve gone for a fairly classic lineup of Bully Boys and Picks, with 1 GA Finisher for a little extra covering fire should it be necessary.
I have to say, that the Reaper miniature is amazing.. with his ammo belt feeding into the backpack, you really get the impression that this guy is ready to lay down some serious lead.
So, you build these, frankly awesome, Shiver Elite and have a whole load of spare bits left.. what do you do with them? Well.. i’ve been tinkering with the Frothers and Sgt. Rooker and came up with a couple of options – you can see that the Frother has armed himself with a Pick and a FEN603; he is clearly a little down on funds right now, probably spent too much partying down at the Pit.. my favourite conversion though – is my as-yet unnamed Operative.
Based on a Rooker body, with a spare Helmet from a Shiver patrol, i’ve given him a spare Frother left arm with Vibro sword and done a slight conversion on an Elite Finisher arm – he is now sporting a BLA 646 Buzzsaw for some close up and personal painbringing. These conversions were a few minutes work at the most, and really convey the personalisation levels that we are going for with SLA.
For now – I intend to use my Frother as a Frother with that actual equipment, and I suspect my Operative will be an alt. Elite Sgt for my 9th in the time being – you can imagine the 9th using whatever they can lay their hands on equipment wise.
The Shiver Elite are now no longer available as Early Birds, they are available here to pre order and will be delivered at the end of the Month;


But! We don’t want to let them go out there without doing something special.. we enjoyed the kit bashing that much that we have a cool pre Release offer!


For £35, you can pre order the Shiver Elite, along with a spare resin Rooker for conversion purposes, an additional GA50 Finisher in Resin, a FEN091 in Resin and.. a BLA 646 Buzzsaw in resin!!! Thats not only the Shiver Elite, but also an extra Rooker for the parts (Feaney wholly endorses the idea of using Rooker for spare parts…) and 3 extra pistols that can use for whatever kit bashing you want!!

These are all great, i hear you say.. but i can’t use them in the game yet.. not yet – but Brad and Andy are about to publish a very large update, and as soon as that is polished and out; Brad is working on additional Stat cards for a few Characters and the Newer Units such as Frothers and Elites. Those won’t be too long off now, and y’all can get playtesting for us!

For now though, we can’t wait to see those kitbash conversions!


Daruma_Sector Ranger Concept Art

The Rangers were ‚just hangin‘ out in the Sector‘ before it was cool.

Copyright: Daruma Productions Ltd / SLA Industries

Quelle: Daruma auf Facebook 


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