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SLA Industries: Frother Squad

Die Frother Squad für SLA kann nun bei Daruma Productions erworben werden.

DP_Daruma_Productions_SLA_Frother_Squad_1 DP_Daruma_Productions_SLA_Frother_Squad_2 DP_Daruma_Productions_SLA_Frother_Squad_3

DP_Daruma_Productions_SLA_Frother_Squad_4 DP_Daruma_Productions_SLA_Frother_Squad_5 DP_Daruma_Productions_SLA_Frother_Squad_6

Frother Squad – 31,50 GBP (+1.50 GBP für das scheinbar nicht optionale „GA50 Finisher, resin“ Upgrade)

The first ever full squad of Frothers! Currently available only in resin, you get 5 x Sculpts of Frothers bearing Claymores and FEN091’s. 1 of them is armed with a Reaper cannon, for that extra bit of firepower when needed.

1 of the Frothers comes with the option of Power Claymore or Chain axe, and there is also a loose Chain axe in the kit for maglocking where you like.

These guys seriously rock!

PLEASE NOTE – this is a pre order, and these miniatures will be dispatched in March 2017.

Link: Daruma Productions


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