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Sine Tempore: Kickstarter Preview

Neue Previews zum kommenden Kickstarter für das Spiel Sine Tempore von Ludus Magnus Studio.

Andromeda 2.0

„The metallic voice that announces the imminent landing resembles nothing of a recorded, unemotional message, instead sounding friendly and even hopeful. The cable broadcast voice rebounds from one cabin to the next, reaching all members of the crew until being absorbed by the ship in a muffled echo. An immobile body lies stretched out on a metal bed, supported by a zero gravity mechanism. The echo of the voice reaches the sound detectors used by the apparently female body to hear sounds. In an instant, its artificial silicone eyes spring open. Their movements are so realistic as to convince even the biggest luminary sceptics that this is anything but a machine void of a soul. The body nimbly gets to its feet as the servo-regulated suspensions emit a light humming sound, while the articular bearings allow it to tidy up the cables framing its face, in a totally natural sequence of actions that any human would make after a long sleep.
Intelligence and sensuality are dangerous weapons… but a plasma rifle is much more so; a neuronal input transmits this message, and the machine curls its lips into a smile to reveal small, perfect ivory-coloured teeth. With one hand, it caresses the stock of the rifle, lifting the weapon with impressionable ease as if it were a toy, oblivious to the fact that a human being would have struggled to replicate the same manoeuvre. It rests the weapon on one shoulder, crossing one leg in front of the other as it sinuously moves towards the control bridge. Safely landing the crew on that remote planet wasn’t the end of its mission, but rather just the start.”


Jukas, the inscrutable psionic

„It’s a bare cabin, with little or no furniture, no objects with which to distract oneself, nothing but a deep silence.
For the man named Jukas, unaccustomed to the finer things in life, this was more than enough.Stuck at a standstill, his mind begins to wander through the memories and facts of a world of purple flames; through a celestial and intangible body, the „others“ had relied on their own limited senses. It was unlikely they would reach the same level of knowledge. Jukas could do it, but that which he was able to perceive couldn’t always be revealed.
He had possessed this „gift“ for years, but for those like him, it was nothing but a curse making him different, a useful yet obstructive instrument“

Quelle: Ludus Magnus Studio auf Facebook


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