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Rubicon: SdKfz 222 Prototype und Previews

Von Rubicon Models gibt es den bemalten Prototypen für den SdKfz 222 zu sehen, sowie zwei Gussrahmen für den kommenden Bausatz für die PaK 38/PaK 40.

Rubicon Models_SdFz 333 Prototype Paint

While there is so much happening at the Nottingham ‚Lead Belt‘ this weekend, we are posting this painted WIP prototype of the SdKfz 222 for discussions among those who will attend -and- those who visited our page to admire! Will be on our mould making queue soon…
Our SdKfz 222 comes with a complete autocannon assembly, rotatable and elevating gun, open or closed turret mesh, and option to build a SdKfz 223 as well.

Rubicon Models_Pak 38:PaK 40 Sprue Preview 1 Rubicon Models_Pak 38:PaK 40 Sprue Preview 2

The two new plastic sprue is our weekend teaser for this week. Just arrived at our studio, we will test assemble them and post more picture of the completed and painted samples of these two little beast! Stay tuned!

Quelle: Rubicon Models auf Facebook


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