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Relic Knights: Neue Questing Knights

Soda Pop zeigen neue Previews für Relic Knights.

Along with the release of the Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Rulebook, Relic Knights will be receiving its very first 2-Player Starter Set. This exciting set will include an easy to assemble battlefield with card-terrain, a small-format rulebook, two esper decks, and two complete 35 point cadres. The cadres included with the starter set will feature the Void and Radiant sub-factions. These unique mercenary cadres can be played as stand alone factions or lend their services to the six primary factions.

Each cadre includes a questing knight and their cypher to lead your forces, a named hero, and a named squad. Since the included cadres are Void and Radiant, the 2-player starter has models which can be used by every faction in the Relic Knights game! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be previewing all the stunning models and components included in the starter. It seems only fitting to begin with the leaders of the cadres, Bang-Bang and Tahariel.

SP Soda Pop Relic Knights Bang-Bang

Radiant: Bang-Bang

Bang-Bang and her cypher, Mr. Milky, claim to be the founders of the bounty hunting agency Sundown Enforcement. In truth, Bang-Bang shot the original founder when she discovered he was colluding with corsairs to skim extra credits from the agency’s Alliance contracts. After assuming control of Sundown Enforcement, she went about rooting out any lingering corruption. As Sundown Enforcement was scrubbed from the inside, Bang-Bang focused on securing only contracts for, as she put it, “legitimate baddies.” In time, Sundown Enforcement grew in notoriety, both for its unassailable conviction in pursuing justice and for the bombastic and gregarious personality of its new leader.

As the Darkspace Calamity has grown, the Alliance has increasingly come to rely upon Bang-Bang and Sundown Enforcement to help maintain order as Alliance Security and paladin forces are stretched thin. Recently, Bang-Bang has been in pursuit of the Void Witch, Tahariel, seeking to thwart the maleaach’s plans, whatever they may be.

SP Soda Pop Relic Knights Tahariel the Purifier

Void: Tahariel the Purifier

“We are the wayfinders of the void. We are the words of oblivion.”

Breaking through the paladin blockade on Origin Point, Tahariel has focused her attentions on the Alliance forum world of Ulyxis. She has systematically made her way through the planet’s various orbital stations, perimeter ships, and defense systems, sending them to the cold embrace of the Void. Inexorably she has isolated the last remaining governing world of the Alliance. Now she and her Dark Pinions wait in orbit, repelling any who seek to bring aid to the planet. Their lone ship remains all but untraceable. Around the world subtle disturbances in the esperic patterns have begun to plague the populace, disrupting technology and warping the land as esper crystal growths run rampant. Why she does not directly strike Ulyxis is unknown, as is her ultimate purpose.

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  • Großartige Artworks, wobei dieses Cowgirl-Design so gar nciht meins ist ^^
    Bisher war SodaPops ja immer necht nah an den Artworks dran, was die Minis angeht. Bin da echt gespannt.

    • Bis jetzt ist nicht viel bekannt.
      Ich habe nur mitbekommen, dass das Aktivieren etwas geändert wird. Es gibt jetzt Heros und Minions. Für jeden aktivierten Hero darf man eine Einheit Minions aktivieren.

      Also ich musste beim ersten Artwork sehr lachen. Eigentlich wollte ich die Zwei-Spielerbox nicht holen.
      Soda Pops macht es mir aber auch immer schwer.

  • Resin Anstat PVC-Plstik dürfte einen grossen Unterschied in der Figurenqualität ausmachen. Ich habe einige der neueren Resin-Figuren und die sind wirklich gut.
    Die Regeln sollen ebenfalls verbessert werden. Da kenne ich mich aber nicht aus.

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