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Purgatory: Neue Bilder

Purgatory haben einige Previews gepostet in letzter Zeit, daher zeigen wir heute mal ein paar der letzten Previews.

Purgatory Neue Bilder 01 Purgatory Neue Bilder 02 Purgatory Neue Bilder 03

The announcements keep coming…. Stevie and Barry and the last bases are in casting!!!!!

Fulfilment is almost upon you!

Purgatory Neue Bilder 04Purgatory Neue Bilder 06Purgatory Neue Bilder 05

Character Focus: Small Daniels

Small Paul, as some affectionatly know him, is part of the quite mysterious and eccentric Parlour Tricks faction. This growing ‚cult‘ scientists, tricksters and ‚magicians‘ have become more apparent.

With Harut, one half of the brothers Harut and Marut, it’s easy to see how individuals such as Small Daniels and Simone are drawn together. Harut is the founder of science and magic as we know it on Earth, commanded by Satan to educate man in the truth of both disciplines and perils of magic misuse.

In essence, science and magic are one and the same, which is why both are drawn together. Magic is used to provide instant results, where science uses machines and tools to produce the same or similar end result. Where magic can be wielded with furiously destructive consequences, so too can science with examples such as the atom bomb, punctuating the point.

Despite their tolerance of the misguided believes of their apparent lesser colleagues, together they are quite formidable and offer an alter together entirely different proposition for players of Purgatory.

Small Daniels is a master of distraction and deception, confusing his foes to gain the upper hand or to facilitate extraction.

He has 3 moves, which whilst they don’t kick out huge packets of damage, they make him a real target.

The wonderfully named: Wizards Sleeve is quite literally that. Paul can target a friendly model within 15″ and remove him from harm for a turn, placing him adjacent to Paul in the next game turn. Not only does this mean you can protect characters and withdraw them but it counter balances situations where models are over extended through lure and movement abilities.

One Wizard, three cups does what it says on the tin. Many of us will have grown up watching Paul Daniels perform this trick and in homage to the great man, we have been able to replicate this on the board, to devastating effect.

With Paul in the middle, he can choose a model to his right and left and each model rotates one position to the left. So where as before, you might have been gleefully striding towards Paul, he’s just alakazzamed his way out of harms way, replacing himself with his host instead. Bet you don’t fancy bearing down on a furious Pegataur now do you….

Simple yet effective this move can really change the dynamic of the model landscape during a game.

Finally there is Furry Fury. Let’s face it, if you lived in Purgatory, you’d stop pulling fluffy bunnies out and would start sending snarling rabbits with teeth that a T-Rex would be proud off, giving Paul the chance to defend himself should his other spells not save him.

Paul is available now from the shop at our website found here: http://www.purgatory-miniatures.co.uk/…/mod…/parlour-tricks/

Purgatory Neue Bilder 07

Cyan for Purgatory

32mm Resin Gangbanger model

Painted by May Aguilar Andreu
Sculpted by Gautier Giroud


Quelle: Purgatory auf Facebook


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