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Perry Miniatures: Napoleonische Neuheiten

Perry Miniatures präsentieren ihre Napoleonische Neuheiten auf Facebook.

Perry Miniatures Napoleonische Neuheiten 01 Perry Miniatures Napoleonische Neuheiten 02 Perry Miniatures Napoleonische Neuheiten 03 Perry Miniatures Napoleonische Neuheiten 04 Perry Miniatures Napoleonische Neuheiten 05

Gardes d’ Honneur and A Clash of Eagles now available!

These packs represent the four regiments of Gardes d’ Honneur created in 1813. Recruited among the ruling social classes, dressed and equipped at their own expense. Although completely unprepared for their integration into the Grand Army, the Gardes d’ Honneur gained competence and confidence by serving alongside the Imperial Guard cavalry during the campaigns of Saxony and France, 1813- 1814, and distinguished themselves during the battles of Hanau and Reims.
The only difference between these and hussars is that the flounders were worn on the left rather than the normal right side of the shako, which does make them unique.
These figures were actually triggered by a discussion on The Miniatures Page, pointing out there were no Gardes d’ Honneur in 28mm on the market. This tied in nicely with what Alan was making at the time plus they’ve always been in the back of his mind. There will be separate metal GdH heads for the plastic hussars too.
Many thanks to the very talented John Morris for his amazing painting!

French Napoleonic Army
28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry

FN 223 Gardes d’ Honneur command galloping
FN 224 Gardes d’ Honneur, galloping, swords shouldered.
FN 225 Gardes d’ Honneur command on standing horses
FN 226 Gardes d’ Honneur, swords shouldered on standing horses

A Black Powder supplement from Warlord Games covering Napoleon’s Russian campaign of 1812.

A Clash Of Eagles is a glorious work of passion from the author Adrian McWalter. 200 pages of full-colour text, maps, and figures plus art from renowned artist Peter Dennis & Johnny Shumate. A must have for any collectors and gamers of the Napoleonic Black Powder period!
Re-create epic moments of the 1812 campaign: the battles of Smolensk and Borodino, the numerous smaller affairs involving Napoleon’s allies and the long, protracted retreat from Russia culminating in the crossing of the Berezina, all of which left the Grand Armée reduced to a shadow of its former self.
Within the pages you will discover how Napoleonic armies fought differently from preceding Black Powder armies; including background detail focusing on the campaign, the numerous nations that took part in the campaign, as well as their armies and statistics on over a hundred different troop types.
You will find information on how to reflect Napoleonic battles using the Black Powder rules as well as a few new rules that are pretty standard amongst wargames communities across the globe.
Running alongside this you will encounter numerous national characteristics for France, Russia, Austria and Prussia, to name a few, that will give your gaming experience more of a Napoleonic feel.

The book is full of photo’s of Perry Miniatures figures including over 40 taken especially for this supplement by Alan Perry
If you buy a copy direct from us you will receive a FREE ‚Napoleon in Russia‘ figure.


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