Ninja Division: Warforged Kickstarter

Ninja Division und Reforged Studios kündigen einen Kickstarter für Warforged: First Contact an. Dieses neue Tabletop-System wird unter anderem von Andy Chambers und Tuomas Pirinen entwickelt.


Reforged Studios and Ninja Division Publishing announce Kickstarter for Warforged: First Contact

Boise, ID, and Helsinki, Finland (March 8, 2017) – Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and Reforged Studios are proud to announce Warforged: First Contact – the first product in a line of games and supplements, introducing the war torn realms of the Mantra Wars.

Warforged: First Contact is a tabletop strategy board game that pits the fearless warriors of the Iron Legion against the Mantra, a galaxy-spanning covenant of aliens bent on dominating the human race.  Warforged: First Contact will be a tabletop strategy battle game, with rules designed by hobby industry legends Tuomas Pirinen, and Andy Chambers, and with production and miniatures by Ninja Division Publishing.

April will see the launch of our public funding campaign to raise awareness and to help fund the production of Warforged: First Contact, and a host of supplementary content and special offers for campaign backers. For more information, and to be put on a waiting list for campaign start announcements, please visit us HERE.

Reforged Studios CEO Teemu Vilén comments:  “Reforged Studios has been busy designing a deep and engaging world for our digital property, creating a setting for having players command mighty heroes and huge armies. That led very naturally into thinking about designing a game for the tabletop space as a spin off from the mobile game we are working on.”

About Reforged Studios – Reforged Studios was founded in 2015 in Helsinki Finland. The twenty member team is built from industry veterans who have been developing international hit franchises such as League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and World of Warcraft among others – including the world’s most popular online titles. We are core gamers on all platforms and combine gaming culture and expertise with an acute business design sense. This vast experience has been built in companies such as EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Games Workshop, CCP Games, Frozenbyte, Lionhead Studios, LucasArts, Hi-rez Studios, Remedy Entertainment, Housemarque, and Next Games.

About Ninja Division LLC – Ninja Division LLC, and its subsidiary creative studio Soda Pop Miniatures, has over 50 years of combined experience in key roles creating new game experiences and intellectual properties for their own and other successful cross industry products – with product development and management experience that draws together the worlds of digital entertainment, pop culture, powerful licenses, and tabletop hobby gaming.  This experience was developed across working with companies like Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, EA, Microsoft, Privateer Press, Sabertooth Games, Cipher Studios, Red 5 Studios, Palladium Books, and Seven Seas Entertainment.


Das kurze, aber interessante F&A mit Andy und Tuomas, aus dem das obige Bild ist, findet ihr hier.


THE HEART OF CONFLICT – A world preview

In the distant future the Terran Authority has exercised virtually unchallenged control over the scattered, fractious colonies of mankind for centuries. The Iron Legions protect the people, keep the peace and enforce the Authority’s laws by suppressing the senseless criminality that flares up among the stars.

The Authority is a Post-Human society that has been both literally and figuratively enhanced by the discovery of an extraterrestrial artefact known as the ‘Seal’. Technology gleaned from the Seal has enabled Authority fleets to efficiently breach the void between solar systems. Personal enhancement from the integration of Seal-derived nanites has led to the emergence of almost
god-like meta-humans known as the Awoken.

The Authority rules supreme, seemingly invincible.

Yet for all its great strength; the Iron legion, the fleets, the Awoken, the Authority is at the threshold of a new and dreadful revelation. Its power stands unchallenged no longer.

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Chorals are warped alien worshippers originally drawn from many races and melded into living weapons by the will of their extra-dimensional master. They have been transformed via divine orthodoxy and now unify their voices in a stunning rendition of their inner Mantra. As they charge into combat the Chorals sing a disturbing hymn of frightening philosophical truths even as they rend their enemies apart with their divinely blessed claws.
Chorals are the most numerous of the countless forces in the service of the Mantra, and act as the bulk of their ground pacification forces. Every inhabited planet that willingly submits to Mantra will produces billions of new Chorals to serve the Great Song.

PLANET OF ORIGIN: DNA examination of Choral remains indicates more than 3000 distinct genomes. It has speculated that the Mantra is capable of merging or combining xeno-biological material virtually without limitation, and that Chorals are an example of intra-species ‘genetic orthodoxy’ imposed by the Mantra.

WEAPONS: Alien metal alloy claws

TACTICAL NOTES: The greater the number of Chorals are concentrated into one place, the more aggressive and dangerous the Chorals become. In addition, using ranged fire enrages these creatures and greatly increases their speed in combat, as they consider armed resistance against Mantra a blasphemy.

NICKNAMES given by Earth forces: “Claws”, “Hoods”, “Screamers”

CLASSIFIED INFORMATION: Each Choral is made up from at least three separate sentient beings whose brains have been melded together.

Link: Warforged: First Contact auf Facebook

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