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Mythos: WiP Bilder

Paranoid Miniatures haben auf Facebook einige WiP Bilder für ihren Mythos Kickstarter gezeigt.


A sneak peek of the Dorothy master has made its way to our friends at Beasts of War and we hope you like her too. More pics to come soon along with some others we have recently received.

PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_13 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_14 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_15 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_16

PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_17 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_18 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_19

Hello everyone,

Here’s hoping you have a great weekend ahead. We thought we would try and help you all kick it off the right way with some more photos. The masters for the Wildborn have come out lovely, they are true representations of concept. From the art by Shane, sculpts by Raul to masters by Aitch they have retained the level of detail we were looking for.
Now for the final part of the journey as they make their way to the production company to produce the resin miniatures. We are very confident they will continue to retain all the details having already received the Professor and Abigail with some lovely detail work.

As always we hope you like what you see and feel free to comment your thoughts.

Have a great weekend everyone!

PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_3 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_4 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_5 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_6

PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_7 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_8 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_9

PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_10 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_11 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_12

Hello everyone, so a bit of an update with quite a few photos too.

We have recently received some new masters, they were only with us for as long as it took to inspect them and get them on their way to the production company.

We are super pleased with them as is Raul their sculptor so without further ado let’s introduce them.

Hidden Ones Dockland Queen

Hidden Ones Molly Maloney

Wildborn The Goat

We hope you like how they turned out because we love them!

PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_21 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_22 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_23 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_24

PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_25 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_26 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_27 PM_Paranoid_Miniatures_Mythos_Kickstarter_Update_Goat_28

Hello everyone,

Well this weekend is a treat for us and therefore for you too as we send out this second update for the week. We have received our first 3d render for the Order of the Enlightened Path. With time quickly moving by and some unexpected delays we reached out to James W Cain before Christmas to see if he would join the project and help us out.

We are happy to say he agreed and is now in full flow bringing the Order to life. Without the help of James the project would have gone over its fulfilment date and been delayed by a considerable amount of time.

The project as a whole has been anything but smooth sailing and we have managed to deal with a lot of the issues quickly and having learned from each one put in safeguards or redundancy to give us a back up. This has been a great learning experience for us in any number of ways and will continue to be until we complete the fulfilments and beyond.

We have been adamant that we wanted to bring the best models we could produce to the table. In doing so we have not taken any short cuts on quality but we would like to think have improved on it as we went along.

So we are happy to introduce Chester/Choronzon, leader of the Order of the Enlightened Path.

Und hier noch ein Render-Bild der Wildborn, falls ihr vergleichen wollt, wie die Render sich zum Master verhalten:


Link: Paranoid Miniatures auf Facebook


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