Maxmini: Schulterpanzer und mehr

Von Maxmini kamen zuetzt wieder allerlei Neuheiten.

MM Maxmini Alien Hunter Shoulder Pads

Xenohunters Shoulder Pads – 6,99 Euro

In the distant depth of space lives an ancient tribe of mysterious warriors. Hunting down every alien and xenomorph they can find, these men are saviours of humanity and a true protection of mankind. In order to keep on thinking about constant alien threat and to memorize their fallen comrades, these xeno-hunters wear skin and skulls of defeated enemies as their armour. Never forgive and never forget, they keep on hunting aliens till there’s not a single one left…

MM Maxmini Goblin Scrap Tankette Mk2

Goblin Scrap Tankette Mk2 – 15,00 Euro

A while ago we’ve released Gobling Scrap Tankette that was very well received and happened to be quite a shot. Well, here’s another one then: Goblin Scrap Tankette Mk. II! This one was also inspired by World War II, arcade video games and practical resourcefulness that is quite typical for all the greenskins. Besides having a main cannon, this one also has two sponsons that can be mounted either as gatling guns or flamers. So now you can add more dakka and more burna to your warband. Waaaagh!


MM Maxmini Hogs of War (10)

Hogs of War (10) – 6,99 Euro

A couple of months ago we’ve released head swaps that were a bit… peculiar 😉 The bits we’re talking about are called “boarman heads”, and they turned out to be quite popular with our customers. The most common question concerning them was “are you going to release a bigger set of these? So they can match bulkier, ork sized models?”. We really liked the idea of a giant pork-ork, so we’ve finally came up with these!

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