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Ludus Magnus: Sine Tempore Kickstarter

Ludus Magnus Studio kündigen ein neues Brettspiel an, Sine Tempore, das über Kickstarter finanziert werden soll.

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Sine Tempore will take you back to a faraway past, thousands of years before Nova Aetas, exploring new worlds in search of a new home where characters can live and prosper.
During this long journey, your spaceship will come across a number of different alien species, some friendly, others somewhat suspicious or openly hostile.
In the box you’ll find 39 miniatures, 4 of which are heroes, with whom you will delve into the dangers of Primevus V, through unexplored jungles, used as hunting grounds by Primaevi and the ancient ruins of civilisation used by the latter as a resting base.
A campaign designed to be replayed with different paths each time will lead you to 3 different endings in your search for the resources you need to survive.
An efficient “end game” system will help you to develop your characters through a modern tree skill system and a tested crafting mechanism inspired by Nova Aetas.
„Devoted to my sacred mission, while gazing up towards the sky.
I leave but my footprints in a now far-off world, but I do so for the deliverance of many.
The ship on which I declare this oath, is to become my home and life.
I shall forgo what I was in a dying world, only to become the salvation of those to come.
I am the keeper of the seeds of the future, I shall find a new garden for our species.
It may cost me my life, but I vow to find that place.
That planet, will be our salvation.“ – Captain Achab.
What are you waiting for? Come aboard the airship! Confronts us with this unpredictable journey! Stay constantly updated on the project, following us on our official website: http://ludusmagnusstudio.com/sinetempore

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Quelle: Ludus Magnus Studio auf Facebook


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