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Ludus Magnus Studio: Neue Previews

Ludus Magnus Studio präsentieren neue Preview Bilder.

Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 01 Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 02

We conclude the part dedicated to the Art Box of Mater Ignis with its concept and miniatures … BUT this time we show you the final miniatures of Mater Ignis, Salamander, Salimero and Hunter.

We announce that „Waiting Second Wave“ will pause during the Christmas period, we will resume publishing on 3rd January! Happy holidays to all!

Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 03Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 04

Let’s take a look at the loot that you can get from the fearsome Mater Ignis! Among them certainly, you will notice the powerful „Last Word“ and the very useful „Hood of Scales“ with its fantastic immunity to fire. Not to mention the cute Salimero that will join your adventure. But all this will be possible only if you manage to survive the terrible attacks of Mater Ignis and his puppies!

Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 05

We could not wait to show you the rest of the Mater Ignis art box! This will be your most challenging fighter, you can unlock it at the end of a mini-campaign of 5 missions. If you manage to defeat this beast, you can get incredible rewards and a new pet.

To discover the Mater Ignis loot and the little Salimero, do not miss the next appointment with „Waiting Second Wave“.

Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 06 Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 09 Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 08 Ludus Magnus Studio Neue Previews 07

We say bye bye to the Hunter, showing his beautiful concept and his amazing miniature.See you tomorrow with „Waiting Second Wave“ for other news! Don’t miss it!


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