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Kromlech: Neue Terrain-Linie

Kromlech haben eine neue Terrain-Linie aus dem Boden gestampft, die sich Tabletop Scenics nennt.

Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 01

On behalf of Kromlech and Tabletop Scenics team, I′m proud to present you a new branch of Kromlech family tree.
Tabletop Scenics, as the name implies, will be devoted to everything you can put on your gaming table – buildings, trees, hills and so on.
As always, you can expect only the best quality products matching well known quality of Kromlech company.
Thereupon, let us present you with our first line of HDF buildings: Orkenburg, Orc Junk City.
As some of you may now, we′re green in our hearts, so Orc City had to be starting point for us 😉
However we have many different lines of products underway – you won′t be dissapointed, promise. Entire line is available at our shop on www.bitsofwar.com
In Orkenburg line of products you′ll find ramshackle orc barracks, bastions, bunkers, watchtowers and many fortifications in the form of Skargruk Line surrounding the city of Orkenburg.
All of them suitably „junky” and designed with Orcs in mind.
Of course we want to hear from you!
Feel free to comment, send pics of your painted buildings and terrain, as well as possible ideas.
As always, we will do our very best to support our fans and customers. We want you to feel like a part of a family.
It would be a great pleasure for us if you like our Facebook fanpage – https://www.facebook.com/TabletopScenics/ .
You′ll find here all our news and updates. What′s more, you will have a chance to win our products!
Contests, as well as winners, will be published on our fanpage.
Isn′t that awesome?
Last, but not least – I am more than happy to take the lead of this project. There is so much to show you along the way, I can′t wait to share it.
Thank you for being with us.
Enjoy Tabletop Scenics.
Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 02 Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 03 Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 04 Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 05 Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 06 Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 07 Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 08 Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 09 Kromlech Neue Terrain Linie 10

if you are curious how does all those buildings look like as parts then please follow this link to see all instructions on Tabletop Scenics web page:



Quelle: Kromlech auf Facebook

Link: Tabletop Scenics


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