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Kromlech: Marker und Schwerter

Kromlech präsentieren wieder einige Neuheiten auf Facebook.

Kromlech Marker und Schwerter 01 Kromlech Marker und Schwerter 03 Kromlech Marker und Schwerter 02

guess what !
We have a new release today
More resin goodies for Legionaries !

Legionary Thunder Gun Suppressor Mk1
Legionary Thunder Gun Suppressor Mk2

Both of these fits our Legionary Thunder Gun Mk I
Also as you can see you can upgrade your Legionary Thunder Gun Mk I with Legionary Reflex Sight.
It looks so cool with those add-ons

Preis: 4,99 EUR

Kromlech Marker und Schwerter 04

I’ve heard that these will come in handy very soon
KRCB139 Legionary Chain Swords

Kromlech Marker und Schwerter 05 Kromlech Marker und Schwerter 07 Kromlech Marker und Schwerter 06

welcome back after a Weekend
Let’s start this week with some more lasercut goodies.
Today we have two new sets of wound markers for you.

Skull Wound Markers [green]
Skull Wound Markers [orange]

Each set contains a plate with Skull Wound Markers made from fluorescent acrylic. There are 16 ones, 8 threes, 8 fives and 8 tens on a plate. Each Skull needs to be push out from the plate to use for your game.

Preis: 7,99 EUR


Quelle: Kromlech auf Facebook

Link: Bits of War


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