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Knuckleduster Miniatures: Neue Previews

Knuckleduster Miniatures präsentieren neue Previews auf Facebook.

Knuckleduster Miniatures Neue Previews 01 Knuckleduster Miniatures Neue Previews 04 Knuckleduster Miniatures Neue Previews 03 Knuckleduster Miniatures Neue Previews 02

The first three Gunfighter’s Ball buildings are released!

The fourth is awaiting creation of the instruction manual, casting of detail parts and collation/assembly of the kits (it will be a butcher’s shop, so it will be a few more days in the making.

The catalog pages on the website give basic dimensions, but in general you will find these to be a great fit not only for the Gunfighter’s Ball figures, but all the other large 28mm figures like Dead Man’s Hand, Black Scorpion, Malifaux, Blackwater Gulch, etc.

At least four to five more figures will be available within the next month or two, including a barbershop/bath-house, livery stable, sheriff’s office, hardware store, jail, and bank.

Knuckleduster Miniatures Neue Previews 05 Knuckleduster Miniatures Neue Previews 08 Knuckleduster Miniatures Neue Previews 07 Knuckleduster Miniatures Neue Previews 06

I’m printing these tonight in multiple sizes. The hired gun will part of an upcoming faction called „Company Men,“ which will also include the Pinkertons. The other is a bystander that will go into a collection of respectable lady townsfolk out and about, doing their tradin‘ in town.

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