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Khurasan Miniatures: Scarabodon und Kultisten

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren neue Kultisten und einen neuen Kaiju.

Khurasan Miniatures Scarabodon Und Kultisten 01

We’ve neglected the 15mm Little Carinthia Eldritch Horror range too long, but help is on the way — the Papal Purgator Battalions have arrived. These include conventional weapons to strip away the damned human followers of the dark powers — rifles as well as heavier weapons — but the real demon fighting power is provided by the Exorcists, wielding the Flame of the Sacred Heart. To use the Flame, those fearless souls have to approach the demon … eye to eye. The Purgators all wear the pointed hood of the penitent — this prevents demons from seeing their faces and thus stealing their souls.

Khurasan Miniatures Scarabodon Und Kultisten 02

Scarabodon, a European kaiju. His main weapons may seem to be his titanic mandibles, but in fact are the scythe-like lower arms on either side of the body. Scarabodon will grab an opposing kaiju in the vice-like grip of his mandibles and then gut the trapped opponent with his scythes.

Scarabodon dwells in the Cumbrian Mountains in the UK although he will at times move into the Irish Sea and remain submerged there for quite some time, or may choose to create an enormous burrow on the Isle of Man. He is extremely territorial and will attack any alien kaiju making planetfall in the British Isles, invariably killing them.


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  • Großartig. Die Kultisten kommen in meinen15mm Genestealer Cult, und das Kaiju…nun ja, ich brauche noch King Kong, Big G & Co. und dann freue ich mich auf Mighty Monsters Spiele.

  • Mh… Kuwagamon/ Scarabodon, ein paar andere Monster oder Roboter und Ganesha Games Regelset dazu und man hat ein feines Kaiju Tabletop.

    Darf-nicht-kaufen-muss-widerstehen… >.<

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