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Khurasan Miniatures: Previews

Khurasan Miniatures haben einige neue Previews gepostet.

Huguenot Millers from the end phase of the Wars of Religion. Their appearance is a bit surprising isn’t it? I expected pistoliers in 3/4 armour and the famed white cassocks but by this period (the „War of the Three Henries“) it was much more common for the Millers to wear only a breast and back plate and no helmet. They had also apparently dropped the trademark white cassock as there’s no mention or depiction of it whatsoever in this period.

Even Henri IV fought in this exact outfit! He is famously captured in the painting of the Battle of Arques looking very much like a Royalist Cavalier from 45 years later. These and the French gendarmes and archers (which were virtually indistinguishable by now) will be the first of the French codes released.

The T-64BV — the most dangerous tank the M1 Abrams would have had to face in the closing years of the confrontation in Central Europe. Never fighting until the current wars in Eastern Europe, it has served an important role on both sides of the Donbass War.

Our kit will be released as soon as I get the bloody pewter sets from the caster!

Huguenot arquebusiers — two of six poses for our late 16th century range. We’ve actually got quite a few poses done, both horse and foot, both Catholic and Huguenot, and just need to finish off the cavalry.

Then — Muscovites!

E-10 for our Panzer 46 range. It will join our existing E-25 currently available, but not for a while. Coming up next is the IS-4, the first Soviet tank in the range. Following that will be the T-34/85 which a few of you may be familiar with, then the T-44 and the Eisbar (the name I’m proposing might have been given the Maus had it entered service).

„God and my right!“ A first look at our upcoming late 14th century range in 15mm scale. English Archers, foot knights and foot command have been made, crossbowmen are being made now and will be followed by pavisiers. Then on to the mounted!

Gunts love miniguns because they are incredibly loud and spent shell casings fly all over the place in dramatic fashion. Best of all, though, is the merriment a Gunt feels watching someone else get blown to bits — and then the bits get blown to bits ….

Some more pics of our upcoming Tyrannosaurus rex in 28mm scale. We know tyrannosaurids had feathers but we don’t know how extensive they were on the largest tyrannosaurid of them all. As Tyrannosaurus rex was an enormous animal living in a very warm humid environment, we have opted to depict it as very sparsely feathered, with display feathers on tail and arms, and some residual down along the spine and tail.

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  • Jetzt bleibt nur noch die Frage, wie lange es dauert, bis es auch im Shop auftaucht.

    Ich warte ja immer noch, dass die Special Forces der Federals erscheinen… ^^

      • …und die Marines und Aliens aus den Space 2063-Klon-Szenario…und die Weltraum Nonnen!

        Je mehr ich darüber nachdenke, umso mehr angekündigte Ranges werden das! 😀

      • …oder die Sf Minotaurier oder die 6mm Serien zu Aliens und Kingdom of the Jasmine Throne oder oder oder…

        @ Draconarius: Gabs Bilder von den Weltraumnonnen? Die hätten mich jetzt sehr interessiert.

      • Boah sind die geil! Danke!

        Sehr stimmungsvoll und vielseitig einsetzbar. Neben 40k und Dune fällt mir das Hyperion-Universum ein, und ach ich brauch doch eigentlich auch keinen Grund 15mm SF Figuren zu kaufen.

        Wenn Jon doch endlich mal diese Liste der fertigen Figuren „auf Halde“ abarbeiten würde…

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