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Khurasan Miniatures: Neue Previews

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren neue Preview Bilder.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 01

Very happy to have finally received the bulk of the 15mm beastman range after a long delay in transit, presumably due to the holiday. This is the entirety of what we might call the “ethnic beastmen” if we were feeling cheeky — roughly man sized and goat headed, with cloven hooves.

Back row, l to r: witch doctor and chieftain, and six poses of bucks with spears, axes or cudgels

Middle row, l to r: pieces for the war wain, and five poses of bucks with throwing axes or heavy throwing spears

Front row: crew for the war wains (two different champions and two different drivers)

The champions wear breastplates looted from dead human knights. The chieftain is huge (he’s in the back so you can’t really see it) so he needs to have a breastplate made specially for him, which is done by evil men and provided to the herd as a gift or as tribute.

The wains are pulled by entelodonts!

Further along in the casting process are the minotaurs in three poses, and the beastman giant (an enormous Minotaur). The boar-serkers are made but I haven’t received them yet.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 02

On very rare occasions, usually during a new moon, a Beastman is born with a terrible deformity — boar-like, with tusks. This invariably kills the Beast-doe, and when the newborn is cut out it is brought to the shaman for divination. If it is a male, there is celebration, for the birth of such a terrible creature is seen as a favor of the dark powers upon the herd. It is then brought to the chieftain. If it is a female, it is immediately killed, because the herds do not want these monsters to breed, which would lead to utter chaos.

Such exceptional creatures are the possession of the chieftain. When they are of age they join the chieftain’s Boar-serker passel. He keeps the passel in his company at all times, usually securely chained up. Boar-serkers are incredibly strong for their size, utterly fearless, exceptionally hostile, and irredeemably deranged. This makes the Boar-serker passels extremely valuable in battle, when it’s not uncommon to see a single Boar-serker leading the attack, eager to be the first to draw blood. It is impossible to get a Boar-serker to carry a shield, for they will use their hands solely to wield a weapon. A Boar-serker will continue to fight even when an arm is lopped clean off — legend has it that Egil, a Boar-serker of the Great Red Herd, fought for a full hour after being decapitated, such was his fury at the foe.

Boar-serkers are fast runners and as such are easily able to keep pace with the Chieftain’s wain on the battlefield.

Three poses of Boar-serkers will be included in our upcoming Beastman range. We hope to have the first codes for the range, the Minotaurs and the Beastman giant, released in early 2018.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 03

We have just released the bodyguard infantry archers for the Gasgans, those perennial pests of the Hittites (and possibly those responsible for the Hittite Empire’s downfall). There are four poses — they wear helmets and, in addition to their archery equipment, have two handed axes on their backs next to the quiver. Available now:


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