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Khurasan Miniatures: 15mm Neuheiten

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren ihre neuen 15mm Neuheiten.

Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Neuheiten 01

We are very happy to release the first codes in our 15mm Hundred Years War/Late Fourteenth Century range, two sets of English longbowmen. One set is wearing aketons (or gambesons if you prefer) with the other set adding leg harness and chainmail hauberks. Each figurine is provided with its own separate arrow bunch stuck into the ground.

The core period of the range is 1350-1400, when bascinets reigned supreme. A bit into the period (there’s some disagreement as to exactly when) the extended visor called the hounskull was adopted, one of the most distinctive and menacing looks ever used by knights. Of course the range will focus on the Hundred Years War to start, and codes for knights in jupons and French infantry types are in production now as well, to be released soon. But other nations will be covered as well, and we are already making comprehensive lines of Spanish and Italians (these will be combined due to the close resemblance between many of their troop types). Look for foot knights and French infantry next, including crossbows, pavisiers and peasants.

Please note these are larger 15s like Testudo and many other more modern ranges.

Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Neuheiten 02

French or Gascon pavisiers for our 15mm late 14th century range. Look at the amazing job Rafa did on the pavises! These are painted as communal militia — can anyone guess which town? The first codes for this range — a dozen poses of English longbowmen — will be released this week. (These are big 15s by the way.)

Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Neuheiten 03

We are very pleased to release the 15mm Parthians for the early period of the empire.

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  • Die hauen ja haufenweise Zeug raus in letzter Zeit – und auch wieder Sachen, die sonst eher nicht zum Standard gehören.
    Nur Versand und Zoll halten mich bisher von der Bestellung in den USA ab…

    • … unter der Zollgrenze zu bleiben ist die eine Lösung, oder eine richtig große (Sammel-)Bestellung die andere.

      Aber mir geht es ähnlich. Es ist so viel geiles Zeug, das ich brauche bei Khurasan erschienen!

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