Khurasan: Alien Invasion Range

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren ihre neue 15mm Alien Invasion Range.

Khurasan Alien Invasion Range 01

Preis: 3.99$

Khurasan Alien Invasion Range 02

Preis: 3.49$

Khurasan Alien Invasion Range 03

Preis: 3.99$

Khurasan Alien Invasion Range 04

Preis: 2.99$

Khurasan Alien Invasion Range 05

Preis: 7.99$

Khurasan Alien Invasion Range 06

Preis: 7.99$

Khurasan Alien Invasion Range 07

Preis: 119.99$

Khurasan Alien Invasion Range 08

Preis: 119.99$

We are very pleased to release our latest line of 15mm Sci Fi models, the modern alien invasion range. Available are the Science Caste, the War Caste, the war robots of the War Caste, and the colossal four legged alien war machine, the city-killing Maneuver Element. We believe that, with the possible exception of a model Ratte released in 15mm scale, and of course some terrain pieces. the Maneuver Element is the largest 15mm model released for tabletop play as a unit (compare it to the burn-out T-62 underneath it). It can be purchased with a variety of leg poses.

A full background for the range is provided, and the intention is that the range can be used against modern combat models, but of course you can use them for whatever you fancy. Available now.


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