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Jagged Alliance: Brettspiel Kickstarter

Underground Games hat einen Kickstarter zur Finanzierung eines Jagged Alliance Brettspiels aufgelegt.

JA KS 01


Jagged Alliance: The Boardgame is a rich and variable co-operative tactical combat game true to the game’s digital predecessor with 999+ minutes of replayable campaign and extra scenarios. Take the role of your favorite Jagged Alliance mercenaries and fight the armies of an evil dictator to free the nation of Arulco from oppression. JA:TBG is full of tough choices, always keeping you and your team on the edge of victory or defeat.

In JA:TBG you encounter a succession of challenging scenarios with a variety of goals you need to accomplish, taking your hard earned equipment and experience with you into each successive scenario. Ultimately you will face the tyrant Deidranna herself (or one of the other dictators in the game), who is ruling Arulco with an iron fist, and try to defeat her once and for all.

JA:TBG features an inbuilt risk-reward system at every level of game-play, forcing players to make fateful decision with every move. They can manage the amount of actions and how good a chance for success they have by spending Stamina – however any Wounds are also deducted from the same pool, so the more they exhaust their mercs, the more they risk being taken out by the opposition. Players will decide who goes first, when and which sectors to liberate, whether to spend hard-won funds on hiring new merc allies, black-market weaponry or bribing enemy officers to keep escalation low, thus preventing counter-attacks. Jagged Alliance always keeps you at the edge providing the immense satisfaction of a hard-won victory.

Every playthrough is different thanks to the many variations in the game setup. From choosing a different dictator, who will change the conditions of a game, to the variable encounter and enemy set-ups or the 100+ cards of weapons, allies and gear, you will never play the same game twice.

Want to check the game out live? Meet us at Spiel Essen from 26th to the 29th of October in Hall 6 Booth H109! Come and meet the designers and let us know what you think.

JA KS 02

At the heart of every Jagged Alliance game are the mercs, who have their own skills and stats and can be individually equipped with weapons, armor and gear. They will progress throughout the game and collect other beloved JA characters as allies to help them in and out of combat.

Apart from kicking Redshirt ass, mercs can repair damaged equipment, train rebel troops to protect liberated sectors, heal injuries and gather experience. Each merc will be an individually sculpted miniature and more mercs will be added via stretch goals and OUR BACKERS WILL DECIDE WHICH MERCS TO ADD TO THE ROSTER!

JA KS 03

On a strategic level you will have to deal with Deidranna’s (or one of the alternate dictators available in the game) ever escalating counter-attacks and special abilities. Dictators are the nefarious powers behind every game and can change the rules and conditions for scenarios, and bring their own set of events and extra missions.

Players will have to decide whether to risk an increasing escalation that brings stronger counterattacks and more dangerous missions but higher rewards, or try to keep escalation in check and get to their goals faster.

Alongside each dictator are their trusted Lieutenants, who will make player’s lives even more difficult. Lieutenants are tough to overcome and will require players to devise special tactics. Finally facing (and hopefully beating) the dictator in the game is the high point of every campaign!

JA KS 04

Missions are enemy schemes influencing the scenario from outside the currently contested region and play a vital strategic role, as they can modify enemy strength, recovery and mechanics in the game. Players will need to decide whether to split forces to resolve them or focus on the regional map progression and deal with the conditions set by the active missions.

Missions can range from helping wounded in a village, hijacking the local radio station or capturing a well-guarded convoy. As always, the risks and rewards need to be considered carefully.

JA KS 05

Enemies in the game come in different flavors and sizes, from the base Redshirt grunts to elusive snipers or deadly MG teams, each with their unique attack patterns and abilities. As the game progresses, these enemies get replaced with elite versions and become more dangerous. There is always the chance for a random bloodcat popping up in your sector!

JA KS 06

Rebel intelligence provides some information about how guarded each sector is, but you never know exactly whom you will be facing. Outnumbered and often outgunned you need your wits, skills and a plethora of weapons to overcome the opposition’s troops.

JA KS 07

Each scenario represents a contested region made of sectors, divided into areas, that need to be liberated and may feature a unique objective as well. Capturing strategic targets will make your life easier, with mines that produce funds or villages that allow you to recruit workers and train militia. With 40 different sector maps there is always something new to discover.

Terrain types in an area influence enemy and mercenary abilities, adding to the challenge further. Hide in lush jungles or go close-combat in urban areas! With its modular map tile system, wide range of scenarios and flexible progression that you can save from one game to the next, JA:TBG allows for brief skirmish games or 555+ minutes of ongoing campaign play.

JA:TBG is a truly co-operative game playable solo or with up to 4 players, where you need to coordinate your team’s efforts and skills to the best of your ability to free Arulco…or die trying.

Inhalt der Box:

JA KS 08a JA KS 08b JA KS 08c JA KS 08d JA KS 08e JA KS 08f JA KS 08g

The game will come with printed versions of the rules and scenario booklets in English and pdf versions in German, French and Polish. Cards only have limited text and should be easy to understand.

Minis will have 27-30mm (Tank not to scale)


Something is stirring below…and it’s on you to keep it down.

Underground! adds a new threat to the game: the infamous JA2 Crepitus creatures, including 3 new enemy types (adolescent, male and female Crepitus) and the terrifying Crepitus Queen as a Dictator with new event cards and mechanics. Take them up in new scenarios or incorporate them in you base campaign.

Descend into new sectors, such as mineshafts and secret research facilities, that host new dangers and top secret tech-inventions like the Rocket Rifle and lasers.

New rules for lighting can be integrated into the base game, bringing darkness and night-vision equipment to Arulco!

JA KS09 JA KS 10


Stretch Goals:

The bucket does not stop here: If we reach the upcoming stretch goals, we will be able to get you even MORE gameplay for your greenbacks! Spread the word and help us to make YOUR game better, snapperheads!

JA KS 11


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Our friends at Orkenspalter TV were nice enough to play through an early prototype of the game (with hand-made dice and lego miniatures to boot), so you can watch a sample play session. Be advised that rules will still change (also: we do not include hand-crafted dice by Jan)!

Pledge Level:

JA KS 13a JA KS 13b JA KS 13c JA KS 13d


Derzeit steht die Kampagne bei 28.518 EUR (50.000 EUR Finanzierungsziel) und wurde bislang von 424 Backern unterstützt. Der Kickstarter endet am 17.11.2017.

Link: Jagged Alliance Kickstarter

BK-Herr Kemper

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  • Jagged Alliance 2 war eins meiner lieblings games auf dem PC. Ob sich das gut als Brettsiel umsetzen lässt? Ich hoffe es. Das Artwork und die Mini-Render gefallen mir nicht so gut. Aber wenn das Spiel Spass macht und das Thema gut einfängt, hohle ich mir das bestimmt im Retail. KS laufen bei mir im Moment einfach zu viele.

    • Ich glaube schon dass man JA gut auf Brettspiel umlegen kann.

      Z.B. Auf einen Gegner schießen:
      2 mal wenige Aktionspunkte ausgeben = 2x ungenau schiesen.
      Oder mehr Aktionspunkte ausgeben. Dafür besser treffen.
      Oder die Waffen unterscheiden sich durch unterschiedliche Würfel sie verwendet werden.
      Mir fallen sofort Mechaniken ein die man hier verwenden kann.
      Der Knackpunkt wird sicher wie die Gegner im Spiel simuliert werden (plötzliches auftauchen, Hinterhalt, unterschiedliche Reaktionen wie Zurückfeuern, davonlaufen, Alarm schlagen,…).
      Ein wichtiger Punkt war auch der konzertierte Einsatz von Aktionen (Lockvogel, 2 Sniper, Bodyguards für diese usw.).
      Wenn sie das umsetzen können dann werden sie auch noch nach dem Kickstarter unmengen an Boxen verkaufen.

  • Underground Games haben auch einen Stand auf der Spiel in Essen. Halle 6, 6B109. Bin mal gespannt, was es da schon zu sehen gibt. Nach JA2 stand das Franchise ja unter keinem guten Stern, zumindest digital. Vielleicht kann das Brettspiel ja was.

  • Heute in Essen gespielt. Danke nochmal fürs erklären und herzeigen des Prototyps.

    Werd mir das spiel definitiv hollen. Hat Spaß gemacht und hat Potenzial.

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