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Infinity: Steel Phalanx Support Pack

Auf Bell of Lost Souls wurde ein Exklusiv-Preview des Steel Phalanx Support Packs gezeigt und auf der Infinity-Website gibt es mal wieder einen kleinen Artikel zu selbstgebautem Gelände.

CB_Corvus_Belli_Infinity_Steel_Phalanx_Support_Pack_Preview_1 CB_Corvus_Belli_Infinity_Steel_Phalanx_Support_Pack_Preview_2

Steel Phalanx Support Pack

The Support Corps of the Assault Subsection of the SSS is composed entirely of specialists, both combat engineers and field medics. The Steel Phalanx was conceived as a purely offensive force, but the stagnation of the Paradiso conflict spread the always scarce Sophotects too thinly, forcing the SSS to create a new support unit capable of keeping up with the rest of its heroic troops.


In Greek Mythology, the supernatural beings called Dactyls (in Classical Greek: Δάκτυλοι, ‘Fingers’) were magical smiths and healers who discovered iron and metalworking. Their Phalanx counterparts are all master demolishers. Explosives are their forte and very few troops in the Sphere can boast their level of proficiency with D-Charges and plastic. They have blasted bridges and facilities and mined roads on every Paradiso front. They can repair gear and treat their fallen brothers in arms, but their ability to fulfil their objective under enemy fire is not what makes them a valuable asset to the SSS. Dactyls shine in the finesse they demonstrate in the exercise of their job, be it an emergency surgery in the middle of the battlefield or a controlled demolition. Their nimble fingers make only the most precise movements and their full attention is on the desired outcome, whether an in extremis rescue from the clutches of death or an explosion to collapse the entire building.


Außerdem wird auf der Infinity-Website mal wieder gezeigt, was sich aus Müll so alles bauen lässt:

CB_Corvus_Belli_Infinity_Steel_Phalanx_Support_Pack_Preview_5 CB_Corvus_Belli_Infinity_Steel_Phalanx_Support_Pack_Preview_6 CB_Corvus_Belli_Infinity_Steel_Phalanx_Support_Pack_Preview_7

Infinity ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In erhältlich und wird über Ulisses Spiele vertrieben.

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  • Von den angedrohten Repacks der sinnvollste. Und wohl der teuerste Support Pack – punktemäßig.

    Da ich eh schon Yudbots hatte und mir die Engineer Lady gut gefiel, kann ich auf den eher langweiligen Doc gut verzichten.

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