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Industria Mechanika: BISHOP

Industria Mechanika zeigt Previews des BISHOP Dropships in 1:35.

Industria Mechanika Bishop1 Industria Mechanika Bishop2 Industria Mechanika Bishop3 Industria Mechanika Bishop4 Industria Mechanika Bishop5 Industria Mechanika Bishop6 Industria Mechanika Bishop7 Industria Mechanika Bishop8 Industria Mechanika Bishop9 Industria Mechanika Bishop10 Industria Mechanika Bishop11 Industria Mechanika Bishop12 Industria Mechanika Bishop13 Industria Mechanika Bishop14 Industria Mechanika Bishop15

BISHOP VTOL Orbital Dropship

Pawns, Rooks, Knights, and now the next in Michael Herm’s chess-named, sci-fi combat line up is the Bishop. Like many of you, I had expected the Bishop would be another cool combat mecha, but when I saw what he had in mind instead, I was honestly blown away! The Bishop is an orbital drop ship and VTOL aircraft in one. Dropping through the atmosphere it can insert Pawns wherever they are needed most.

The Bishop is loaded with details and hidden features. An exploded view of the wing-tip engine pods shows just how much thought was put into the design. Small gears and other components work together to extend the VTOL thrusters when their side hatches open.Small hatches on the exterior pop-out to deploy the Bishops rocket launchers and vulcan cannons. Inside of the Bishop as you can see in this cut-away are seats and harness bars to seat a compliment of Space Pawns… wait… SPACE PAWNS!? YES! Not only are we announcing the Bishop, but Michael Herm designed a four figure set of Pawn Brigade figures dressed in their space gear. All figures in both sets have removable helmets. This Space Pawns set will look great exiting the rear of the Bishop, in a Mars setting with a Rook or Knight, or just on their own.

Price and Release Date:

The Bishop: As usual, I don’t tend to have prices on out kits until I get all of the production quotes back. This set just left the printer and is on its way to the caster so the price is still TBD. It’s a large kit so will probably be one of our more expensive pieces as a result of the size and sheer number of parts and etch. As for an estimated release date, I’d hope to have these by the end of 2017, but it’s a large kit with many parts so I am not sure how long it will take. I’d rather it take a little longer and be correct than rushed.

The Space Pawns: The starting price for this set will be the same as our other small figure sets at $34.99. Their release will coincide with that of the Bishop.

Preorders: We’ll start taking preorders whenever a final price is determined. As always, payment for preorders is due when ordering. Estimated arrival dates are truly a best guess on our part and we want to make sure we send out perfect, complete kits the first time, not in incomplete chunks. In other words, delays can happen, but we always deliver.


Industria Mechanika hofft den Bausatz gegen Ende 2017 veröffentlichen zu können – allerdings kann es aufgrund der Komplexität zu Verzögerungen kommen. Der Preis für das Dropship ist bislang noch nicht festgesetzt – wird aber vermutlich eher eines der hochpreisigen Sets von IM werden – das Space Pawn Figurenset wird wahrscheinlich mit 34,99 USD zu Buche schlagen.


Link: Industria Mechanika


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