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Human Interface: weitere Previews

Seit unserer letzten Newsmeldung gibt es auf Facebook zwei neue Previews zu Human Interface zu sehen.

HI PrisonMedicalService

It’s time for another update. Last time you’ve seen Subject Zero after some modifications made by scientists working on Project 0 program. We bet you are curious who stands behind all of this. We all know that the breakthrough innovations don’t come that easily and to come up with a really insane ideas you need really crazy mind. Don’t let be fooled by an academically correct appearance of one of the members of super secret Nakamura scientific team. What this genetics expert can do might frighten you even more than the effects of his experiments. We don’t really know, whom you should be more afraid of.

HI Pistorious

It’s Friday and we have another update for you. Today it will be nostalgic a little bit. Some memories about the subcultures of the past. Some tendencies and fashions may last longer some are just like flames and are gone in a moment. Some are gone forever and others may have their revival and are back with another revolution in fashion. In the past, belonging to a certain subculture often meant living on the margins of society.

Being a punk in the world of the future doesn’t mean anything else. It means living on the edge. But this time with wink. Pistorious can tell you about that .


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