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Human Interface: Previews und Updates

Von Postindustrial Games kommt ein neues Update zu Human Interface.

PG Human Interface Preview

Hello everybody on another Friday.

This update will be slightly different than the few last ones. We guess you wonder what the last updates meant. That is not a secret, that we are preparing something bigger than just a simple extension of the hint universe. But before that happens there are some things that need to be clarified. We owe you a set of scenarios for the cooperation mode. We’ve got them all prepared and tested. The materials are now being proofread. For now we can reveal that there is a scenario with a traitor as well as with a vanishing board in which case you will need to hurry and closely cooperate with each other. We wanted to publish it today, but a hostile database interrupted the transfer…

We’ve also rewritten the rules… and then we’ve thrown them away, and did it all over again. Everything is now shorter and more clear. Being proofread.

That’s it for today,
The HINT team

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