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Human Interface: Neue Previews

Postindustrial Games zeigen neue Infos zu Human Interface.

HINT Human Interface Nakamura Tower Update 1

In light of recent tests, the efficacy of standard security units has been deemed highly lacking. Independent judgment making was insufficient for such particular details. Individualized decision making hindered coordination and caused undesirable interference in the chain of command as well as execution of control protocols. Furthermore, practiced scenarios show an unacceptable susceptibility to corruption and excessive empathy towards other subjects. The efficacy of standard watch units has been given negative evaluation.


Conclusions from the report have been implemented in 96%. The entirety of physical security has replaced by Sentry N v 1.1 drones. The anthropomorphic appearance of the drones allows to make full use of arms and equipment designed for humans. What is more, the „humanlike“ looks lessens the discomfort of the personnel and reduces subjects‘ stress levels.

Extract from the security audit of the research complex for the „Be a Better Human“ program, code NBS 04


More about the rules next time.

That’s it for today.
The HINT team

HINT Human Interface Nakamura Tower Update 2

Black Site response team

In light of the risk assessment report for the ‚Be a Better Human‘ program, measures have been taken to ensure heightened physical security of the complex.

The number of web interfaces capable of receiving data was brought down to 6, while the remaining ones have been put under special supervision. Defense protocols class Delta 512 are in effect. Three test runs of the protection software were carried out to satisfactory results.

Two new intervention teams (Tactical Response Team Alpha and Bravo) were formed and assigned to watch over key rooms in the complex, server room included. As per auditors‘ suggestions, drone Sentry N v 1.1 routines were upgraded to ver. 2.0.

Tests have confirmed a marked increase in coordination and efficacy in resolving complex tactical problems and use of new weapons and equipment.

As suggested, TRT drones were fitted with military-grade assault rifles, with a broad selection of lethal and non-lethal ammunition.
New encryption protocols have significantly…

Carl Novigradov – security manager for the NBS 04 complex

Rulebook’s second correction was done. Time to prepare official PDF.
More is coming.

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