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Human Interface: Be a better Human KS

Das Team von Postindustrial Games haben seit gestern einen Kickstarter für ein neues Spiel/Addon im Human Interface Universum am laufen, Yeaohhhh!

Original cyberpunk miniatures game with a strong storytelling element. Find the best way to be a better human!

Basic information:

  • Board game with an evocative cyberpunk backstory
  • Playable straight out of the box (ready to play)
  • Cooperative
  • Ages 14 and up
  • For 1-5 players
  • Average playtime: 60-90 min.
  • High-quality PVC plastic models (metal as an option)

Human Interface: Be a Better Human is a cooperative miniatures game for 1 to 5 players that plunges you into a deadly world of cyberpunk action. It is at once a standalone game and an expansion for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower and its add-ons.

Ready to play straight from the box!

The game will be a standalone, ready to play product, but may also serve as an expansion for the original HINT (Human Interface: Nakamura Tower) game. This time around, three modes of play are available: solo mode, cooperative mode, and skirmish mode in which players assemble their teams. Each player striving to achieve their own hidden agenda. In addition, special pre-made scenarios with non-linear plotting that branch out depending on players choice make for a nice treat for those looking for deeper immersion!

Es gibt drei recht umfangreiche Pledgelevel:


Renegade1 Renegade2 Renegade3


Hybrid1 Hybrid2


Cyberpsy1 Cyberpsy2

Board and miniatures
A meticulously designed board makes for an immersive experience in a dystopian world of the near future. Evocative illustrations depict hallways, offices, and clandestine corporate laboratories. All of excellent quality to please your senses as you play the game. All components are compatible with the previous game, Human Interface Nakamura Tower. Human Interface: Be a Better Human contains a collection of awesome, unique-looking miniatures. The plastic models (as well as metal models found in the collector’s edition) have been sculpted with an eye for detail and a modern cyberpunk flair. The sheer variety of characters coupled with the quality of casts will satisfy both those looking for cyberpunk-inspired models and discerning collectors and painters. If you’re familiar with CMoN or Monolith products, the quality of our miniatures will be similar to those, and we’ll do our utmost to exceed even that! Models are in the common 32 mm scale and compatible with other popular ranges.

Minis1 Minis2 Minis3

Game mechanics are based on revised Human Interface Nakamura Tower rules. With the aid of players, the rules have been reworked to be even more clear and easy to grasp. The game flows in turns, with the heroes making their way across the board, using special abilities, and fighting in the net. In the final phase, the OPFOR forces governed by AI algorithms make efforts to impede the players‘ progress. A key part of the game is network combat resolved with the use of cards representing combat software. Achieving superiority in this phase will greatly impact the real world. Heroes in Be a Better Human have been divided into classes, granting them access to a wide range of equipment, weapons, and unique abilities. Only a well-put team of heroes with complementary skills can hope to complete the objectives before them!

  • Skirmish mode allows you to build a team from any combination of available characters. Random objectives make each game unpredictable!
  • Pick a hero with distinct skills and appearance. Universal character cards describe the hero’s base attributes and allow to easily track their progress.
  • Gain extra abilities through cybernetic implants and weapons. Weapon and equipment cards allow you to configure your gear to best tackle the mission.
  • Put together the optimal configuration of combat soft to do battle in the net. During network combat, cyberwarfare cards represent offensive and defensive programs as well as viruses and traps to overcome.

Adrenaline boost
It wouldn’t be cyberpunk without epic feats worthy of legends. Successful battle actions and hacking generate adrenaline points. Accumulate enough and unleash extraordinary abilities! But watch out, unused adrenaline may cause a temporary loss of control, making the character perform a spectacular action, though not necessarily the one you’d expect…


Random element
No dice are used in the game. Instead, we’ve devised a card system with numerical values and conditional actions. The card’s value isn’t it anymore, it may be worthwhile to swap it for an unexpected effect. Are you ready to make the call?


Story mode campaign
The box includes a separate booklet with a number of scenarios chaining together for a story-driven campaign. Based on your choices, the outcome of the story will vary… After each scenario, depending on its course and results, you are given points to advance your character or purchase better gear. Can you uncover the inconvenient truth concealed by the corporation? It’s all in your hands now…

Skirmish mode
The game contains rules for assembling a team of heroes and handling random mission cards. This allows you to face up to unpredictable challenges without playing out the entire campaign. Additionally, each player draws their own objective, kept hidden from the others. While the team at large aim to complete a shared mission, it might be that in their ranks lurks a traitor, whose individual objective is to foil the team. In fact, the traitor may be more than one…

Skirmish1 Skirmish2

Es wurden zudem schon mehrere Stretchgoals freigeschaltet von denen wir hier eine kleine Auswahl zeigen:

AntiRiot BigGirl Stomper Yamaguchi

Der Kickstarter läuft noch 17 Tage und hat schon über 116.000,00 Pfund eingesammelt.

Link: Human Interface: Be a better Human


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  • Da bin ich echt gespannt. PVC finde ich nachvollziehbar, bin aber trotz meines Hasses auf Metallminis kein riesiger Fan. Aber wenn sie die Qualität gut hinkriegen, werde ich mir da was sichern. 🙂

    • Wäre doch auch mal ein interessantes Thema für einen Artikel, die verschiedenen Materiali Arten , ihr vor und Nachteile, und wer was bevorzugt.

      Captain Alexander

  • PVC ist jetzt schon ne Überraschung. Mal sehen wie schlimm es wird.

    Ich mäkel ja trotzdem regelmäßig daran rum, dass solche Spiele mit Metallminis recht unzugänglich sind, durch erhöhten Bastelaufwand und der fragilität des Spielmaterials

    Der Style der Minis ist dennoch klasse.

  • Den Ersten KS haben sie mit kleineren Abstrichen ja brauchbar hinbekommen,

    aber in letzter Zeit häufen sich die Beschwerden das sie ihren Shop nicht unter Kontrolle haben. Mag an den KS Vorbereitungen liegen ist aber trotzdem ein Indicator der mich zögern lässt.

  • Ich bin wieder mit dabei. War mit dem ersten KS sehr zufrieden. PVC ist zwar nicht mein Ding, aber die wichtigen Minis gibt es ja wieder in Metall.

    • Ich ärger mich, es nicht getan zu haben.

      Hier aber interessiern mich eher die Metallfiguren. Eine von jeder (samt Minions) für Infinity (RPG, wenns mal kommt…) wär ein schönes Addon.

      Aber gabs die Bikerin nur am ersten Tag?

      • Die Bikerin war kostenlos für Backer in den ersten 24 Stunden. Jetzt kann man sie noch als Addon dazu kaufen.

      • Das ist ärgerlich.
        Ich hab echt Besseres zu tun als irgendwelchen Firmen hinterherzuforschen, wann ihr Kickstarter online geht.

  • Ich fand das erste KS sehr gut, Preis/Leistung war finde ich sehr gut.

    Bin diesmal wieder dabei 🙂

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