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Horus Heresy: Weitere Inferno Einblicke

Auf der Warhammer Community Website gibt es weitere Einblicke in das kommende „Inferno“ Buch. Während beim letzten Mal die heldenhaften Verteidiger Prosperos unter die Lupe genommen wurden, geht das Augenmerk nun auf die Schurken: Die tollwütigen Space Wolves und die dem falschen Imperator blind ins Verderben folgenden Legio Custodes und Sisters of Silence.

Closer Look: Inferno – Space Wolves

Yesterday, we looked at the Thousand Sons, and today it’s the Space Wolves’ turn.


The VI Legion’s way of war varies a lot from most Legions. Perhaps only their enemies in Inferno, the Thousand Sons, deviate more from the standard template in terms of military organisation. The Space Wolves are savagery made manifest – the Emperor’s executioners, for whom no task is too grim or too great.


In games, the Space Wolves are a combat Legion. While it is possible to create a force that looks much like any other Legion army, you probably aren’t getting the best from them if you do.

The whole army gets a bonus to their Weapon Skill when they charge, and bonuses to run. Other rules include hampering enemy infiltrators and ignoring the effects of fighting at night (nice try Night Lords…). All this lends itself to an assault army that is hard to counter – they’re going to run at you and take no prisoners!

FW_Forgeworld_Horus_Heresy_Inferno_Preview_Space_Wolves_Custodes_Sisters_3 FW_Forgeworld_Horus_Heresy_Inferno_Preview_Space_Wolves_Custodes_Sisters_4 FW_Forgeworld_Horus_Heresy_Inferno_Preview_Space_Wolves_Custodes_Sisters_5

Their unique units are also all combat based.

This starts with their basic infantry squad, the Grey Slayers. They have access to a much wider range of combat upgrades than a Legion Tactical Squad, and lose the Fury of the Legion rule in exchange for an ability to fire bolters and charge in the same turn.

Other new units include the Deathsworn Pack and the utterly brutal Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators, who get into combat with the force of a Fenrisian avalanche.

New characters also reflect the Space Wolves’ unusual organisation, in the form of new Priests and named heroes including – of course – the Wolf King, Leman Russ.


The Space Wolves look like they’re going to play unlike any other Legion. We can’t wait to see them on the battlefields of the Age of Darkness.

Space Wolves Legion rules can be found in the new Inferno book. You’ll also need a copy of the Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List to for rules for a complete Space Wolves force.


If you’re looking to start a Space Wolves Legion, the Burning of Prospero or Battle for Calth are great starting points alongside a few Legion upgrade kits, and of course, the Lord of Winter and Ruin himself:


Closer Look: Inferno – Talons of the Emperor

Rounding off our look at the new armies in Inferno, we take look at the Talons of the Emperor.


Even in a universe of super-humans and demigods, the Talons of the Emperor are an elite force.

Your basic Custodian Guard sets you back over 50 points, so expect to be thoroughly outnumbered in every game you play against a Legion force. Sisters of Silence are a more reasonable 10 points each, on a par with Legionary level troops, but with a lower Toughness, you’re not going to last long in a straight firefight and you’ll need to be relying on your supporting units and vehicles to swing the battle in your favour.


Luckily, no force in the galaxy is better trained, more disciplined, or more expertly armoured and armed than the Talons of the Emperor. A single Custodian can take on whole squads of lesser warriors and, while more subtle, the Sisters of Silence – if used right – can be a most efficient and deadly blade.

FW_Forgeworld_Horus_Heresy_Inferno_Preview_Space_Wolves_Custodes_Sisters_10 FW_Forgeworld_Horus_Heresy_Inferno_Preview_Space_Wolves_Custodes_Sisters_11 FW_Forgeworld_Horus_Heresy_Inferno_Preview_Space_Wolves_Custodes_Sisters_12

Their vehicle support is outstanding, from the various Custodian Dreadnought classes, all of which outmatch their Legion equivalents, to their fast and well-armored tanks and transports. A particular highlights is the Gyrfalcon Jetbike – a Custodian with a bolt-cannon, who is too fast to run from and harder to kill – nice. We saw a few of these new units that are on the way at The Horus Heresy Weekender earlier this month.


In the hands of skilled tactician, these guys are going to do very well. Expect to see them on battlefields across the Age of Darkness very soon.

A full army list for these guys is in The Horus Heresy Book Seven: Inferno. Order it here:


Link: Warhammer Community Website


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  • Oh nein! Wieder ein Buch mehr dass ich nicht von Forge World habe (was auf alle Bücher mit der Ausnahme vom Monstrous Arcanum und Raid on Castoral Novem zutrifft). 🙂

    Die Bücher sind zwar immer nett aufgemacht, aber wenn man nichts mit HH anfangen kann auch kein Kaufgrund.

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