Heroquest25: Neues Update

Gamezone haben ein neues Update zu Heroquest veröffentlicht.

Hello everyone, as the title of the post says, A promise is a promise, I promised you an update on things that have not yet been seen. So here are a few more things.

As the cards still have not arrived I want to show you the final design and layout some of them will have. As you can understand I cannot put them all here but I have posted a few so you can get a general idea.

We will start with cards from the basic set.  A previous design version  was seen at the expocomic in Madrid. Here you can compare them with the final design layout.

HQ25 Heroquest 25 Update 1

Next we have some cards from level 3. Up till now you have only seen working designs. Here you have the final layout of the Heroic ,  ill-fated , artifact, elemental spells , and primordial chaos spell cards.

HQ25 Heroquest 25 Update 2

I have left the best for  last. For those of you who want to see hard printed material, here you have some. First we have a shot of the front of the game box:

HQ25 Heroquest 25 Update 3

And here is the backside, with the face of She who is waiting  for us to enter her realm.

HQ25 Heroquest 25 Update 4

What could be better than seeing several boxes together? To see the size of the different boxes and the illustration of the sides.

HQ25 Heroquest 25 Update 5

Although the board has already been shown the final product is truly impressive.

HQ25 Heroquest 25 Update 6

After seeing one side of the board, time to see the other. The exterior is no less impressive.

HQ25 Heroquest 25 Update 7

If you want , you can make room fot the box, because i0’s measures are 58x40x15 cm, a good big box.

Well, that’s all for now, I hope you have liked what you have seen as much as I have. I will return shortly with more stuff and news for you. We hope it will continue to be positive.

Cheersfor now

Urok Sledgehammer

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