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Hasslefree: Neuheiten nach der Salute

Hasslefree haben einen Schwung an neuen Minis veröffentlicht.

So this newsletter marks the end of the ‚Were away at Salute‘ promotion and the start of regular service again. We ‚do‘ have all those orders to catch up on but we’ll be working all week and they should be cleared by week’s end, and we’ll be sending out the new orders as they come in too 🙂 We’re releasing the first batch of post Salute metals this week, and there are some ‚very‘ requested ones in there! As we’ll be busy with the KS pledge manager and catching everything back up, there won’t be any metal releases for about 3 weeks or so now. There’s a Salute roundup below the new releases, for those who came, or those who just want to nose at what they missed 🙂


Grond is a half-Ogre, lost in the HF world after being caught in a rift in the Veil.  Arriving through the Veil completely naked he is seen here a couple of years later having ‚acquired‘ pretty much everything an adventurer needs. Armed with an old beat-up sword taken from an Orc and a similarly battered buckler taken from a follower of the Dark Gods. Grond is a very chunky figure indeed, standing 32mm in a crouch and extremely well built.

Grond kostet 6,25 Pfund exklusive MwSt.


Raisa was only 12 when she realised she could manipulate the magicks of the Veil, they rebuilt the barn later that year.  Her abilities to transform the magicks into burning energy drew the attention of a retired adventurer who lived by the family. He contacted an old friend, an Elementalist who specialised in the sorcery of fire. He took the young Raisa as an Apprentice (and also found her older sister, Cara, was a solid bodguard, whether he wanted one or not).

Raisa kostet 5,00 Pfund exklusive MwSt.


Raisa has grown in power considerably since her childhood. Now a freshly named ‚Archmage‘ of Evermore she still travels almost exclusively with her sister, who has grown into quite the warrior herself.

Archmage Raisa kostet 5,00 Pfund exklusive MwSt.


Cara is the older of two sister who took different paths. While her younger sister Raisa was drawn towards the magicks of the Veil from an early age, Cara decided that someone needed to protect her and took up the sword. Despite her pleasant, peaceful, appearance, Cara is a skilled warrior and has proven quite capable of making sure trouble doesn’t ever quite reach her sisters person.

Cara kostet 4,17 Pfund exklusive MwSt.


Foster is the stereotypical ‚trucker with a heart of gold‘. A tough guy on the outside and marshmallow on the inside, seen here with his trademarked snarl, a Tec 9  and the most feared weapon in the truckers arsenal, the mullet.

Foster kostet 5,00 Pfund exklusive MwSt.


Pulse‘ is a member of the same underground society as Jynx. Her powers are slightly less flashy and she is seen her slinking off into the night and pulling up her hoodie. Another mini for those who wanted either modern civilians or minis that could be used for games like Shadowrun.

Pulse kostet 4,17 Pfund exklusive MwSt.

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  • Raisa & Cara= Eiskönigin oder wie das heißt was mein Patenkind so toll findet…;)
    Foster= Big Trouble in Little Chine
    Aber wer ist Pulse?

  • DIe Minis konnte man ja schon länger im Rohzustand bewundern. Anna und Elda sind auf jeden Fall gelungen und dürften den ein oder anderen Käufer finden.

    Auch Jessica Jones haben die gut getroffen. Ich müsste endlich mal bei Hasslefree einkaufen…

  • Einige ga es ja schon unbemalt zu sehen, bemalt nochmal schicker.

    Ich glaube meine Frau mag da sicher noch mehr Mädels bemalen.

  • Ganz, ganz großartige Minis ! Da werde einige den Weg zu mir finden. Nur Foster nicht, der sieht zwar super aus, will ich aber nicht bemalen.

  • Zwei davon befinden sich schon auf dem Weg zu mir. 😍
    Foster find ich super, habe aber leider keine Verwendung für ihn und wenn ich mit einer Mini nicht spielen kann, fehlt mir die Motivation zum anmalen.

  • Den Halboger finde ich genial. Endlich mal kein rein stumpfsinniger Gesichtsausdruck sondern richtig Charakter.

  • Hasslefree haut mich immer wieder um- tolle minis zu guten Preisen
    leider viel zu wenig beachtet

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