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Halo Fleet Battles: Zwei neue Kreuzer

Für Halo: Fleet Battles dem Flottenkampfspiel von Spartan Games im Halo Universum kommen zwei neue Kreuzer für die beiden verfeindeten Fraktionen UNSC und Covenant.

The Ark Principle

Got to love a good play on words, and April sees us embrace an Ark delivery method – you know, two by two!

We’ve got two stonking new models for Halo: Fleet Battles: the UNSC Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser and the Covenant Carrack Merchant Cruiser. Both are fabulous add-ons to your Halo Fleets and as ever we have lovingly crafted them to be canonically accurate. And if you like these two models our next pair of ships are sure to set your gaming imaginations alight!

Spartan Games_Halo- Fleet Battles Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser

Halo: Fleet Battles Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser – 14,00 GBP

This Autumn-class heavy cruiser represents a considerable leap forwards in human warship design, and is a testament to the UNSCs technological prowess and industrial resilience. Using improvements and modifications made to the Halcyon-class light cruiser for Operation: RED FLAG as a starting point, the naval architects at SinoViet Heavy Machinery have added energy shield-reinforced armor, powerful fusion drives, long-range targeting matrixes, and a state-of-the-art magnetic accelerator cannon. These new weapons and systems are continually being improved to give the UNSC a competitive edge in battles against Covenant remnants and other threats that may yet arise.

Spartan Games_Halo- Fleet Battles Carrack Merchant Cruiser

Halo: Fleet Battles Carrack Merchant Cruiser – 18,00 GBP

These ships of war are relics dating to the foundation of the Covenant, recovered from fleet ossuaries to fight once again after its dissolution. Though ancient in human terms, the Carracks’ reactors still burn with the fury of caged stars and their hulls shimmer with nigh-unbreakable shells of energy. In the modern era they have found a role as versatile cruisers and carriers, reinforcing naval battle groups and transporting armies under the flag of a dozen factions and would-be warlords.

Quelle: Spartan Games


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