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Gripping Beast: Salute Previews

Gripping Beast freuen sich auf die Salute und zeigen schonmal drei ihrer Neuheiten.

GB Gripping Beast Salute Preview 1 GB Gripping Beast Salute Preview 2 GB Gripping Beast Salute Preview 3


So we have opened ‚Collect at SALUTE‘ Delivery Option on the web-site. Use this when you place your orders and we will bring it to SALUTE and hand it over with a grateful smile!

We also have a SALUTE page on the website where we will be highlighting the new releases available at the show – we are hoping to have some show -only specials too. Keep checking as these will go fast!

Here’s some pictures of three of the SALUTE releases, all sculpted by Bob Naismith and these examples painted by Captain Wonderbrush AKA Darren Linington. All three are now available to pre-order on the website – links in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

Quelle: Gripping Beast bei Facebook


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