Godslayer: Prince Ymric the Exile

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Prince Ymric the Exile –
Mercenary Warlord

This model can be taken as a warlord for any faction or subfaction.

Ymric is an outcast from Malentis, the large island siting in the western ocean which is home to the ancient Aetherion race. Several thousand years ago, before the great flood and the following dark age, the Malentians subjugated almost the entire world of Calydorn, and their queen became the most worshiped entity in the history of humanity, eclipsing the gods of the mortals.

Needless to say, the Gods became angered and wiped out 90% of humanity, bringing the Malentian Empire crashing down. For Ymric, those heady days are still a fresh memory and mortals are dogs to do his bidding.


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